Remove The Crown

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I have many problems with the crown. As most of you may know, I have a skull helmet in-game. I also like to maintain large leads. Whenever I get a crown, the skull I paid a long 10,000 gold for disappears until I die/someone passes me (which surprisingly doesn't happen much). We already have a crown type of icon to show where the king is, so I don't really see a purpose. I get that it was supposed to be fun, but I just see it as a nuisance. This can be annoying for literally anyone that was a somewhat expensive helmet.


How about an option to just not wear the crown or an option to not enable the crown only for you, the player. We don't really need to remove it, an option seems better.


Mah floppy hat... Yeah... Gone..........

In addition to agreeing to Ruby, maybe because you're king you can choose a type of crown... Accessorize it?


Choose your own hat to wear as long as you're king, even if you don't have it


Rez if you even read this, growing effect is useless  along with the other updates you made before leaving 2 months aka directioal kick, most of the time the crown does not even show up when you are the king  i am alm out for the crown to be a helment to purchase for 20k or 30k or even 100k 


Yeah, it would be nice to have a "crown when king" option in the settings that you can just uncheck if you want.

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