Shielding on Coconuts

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Here's the story, because my life is sad and I need a story for everything


This story isn't too good, I'll just make this another boring post.

When someone throws a coconut at you, does ANYONE else shield instinctively? I think that instead of dealing 3 damage when coconut is thrown, if you shield it is 2 damage.

Okay c'ya.

uhhh no thanks

I do it sometimes but if you are lucky you ca  trigger the stun glitch if it happends closer to a wall

Yeah, I guess, but stunning the opponent isn't good if you're on the ground...

I hate it when I'm just walking around and all of a sudden I just get stunned randomly for no reason.

I don't attempt to shield or block against "coconuts" anymore. Now, all I do instinctively is 1. Roll-dash away. or 2. If I'm to late to realize a coconut has been thrown to me, run as fast as you can or pray the hitbox screws up.

The idea of a "blast resistance" by shielding against "coconuts" seems logical and it makes sense (According to physics ;-;). But apply this to the mine, and this doesn't make sense, as it has it's own visible hitbox. The "coconut" however, this mechanic will only work if the "coconut" blows directly next to the shield mid-air, or if you shield directly at it, BUT HOWEVER, the shield is not large enough protect your head and your legs, resulting in 3 damage (Or death in real life).

All logic aside, this could make sense..."video game sense", and the "coconut" should have a little "collision hitbox". ;_: Either that or this wouldn't be implemented or possible at all, a bomb is bomb.

Are you agreeing or disagreeing?

._. Agreeing? I just provided some reason why this wouldn't work tho.

*bump sorry* Ok first of all, it's a WALNUT. not COCONUT -_- Second, I think you're right. I shield them too. But the real strat is to roll away or dash. They are to overpowered for me. Especially when someone has 2.

Grenades are the new go to for alt accounts now. Rope and bombs were so last year, so they need to get with the times and store up their WWWI (Wild's World War 1) leftovers

Wait how is it that we have timer mines but coconuts granades?


You can make time bombs/mines (With the help of fuses, wires, and complicated crap thats actually simple)...

While making coconut grenades by just adding gunpowder and a fuse into a coconut. It seems that one is "modern weaponry", while the other is "early weaponry". Well, it does seem practical to have "coconuts" as grenades since Wilds.io is based in a desert wasteland with only dead trees-

But wait, the real question is: Why the hell do we have "shipped" fresh fruits and vegetables crates into a seemingly barren wasteland while successful shopkeepers set up successful businesses like that one lady who sell hp potions for a living, near a damn death spike trap.

How the hell did we even get coconuts to even make a supposedly "coconut grenade".

It the coconut grenade isn't actually a coconut grenade but a high tech grenade, why the hell are we stuck with melee weapons, bows, and magic while we could be using M-16s, AR-15s, RPG-7s, AMTs, and such.


Actually they are coconuts

Ask Egg

Plz no guns

Isn't an AMT a cash thing?

An ATM is for the money and credit thing...an AMT are like pistols and such.

i thought most of the time u die when u run and I throw coconuts

never works for me:(