matchmaking and balance

John Constantine 6 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 6 years ago 44

matchmaking is ruining arena big time.
the balance in arena is completly gone.
some people are using it nonstop like Issa, what they do is ask an other high level friend to make an alt account and go with them in a match group, and make the lower level player join arena so they can fight against people way below there level.
This really needs a fix.
10 minutes ago I had a match my opponents were issa triadant lvl and sheepie sword lvl. against me 2 stars and another guy 1 star.

I finnaly started enjoying wilds again after months.

ps this post is probbaly going to get allot of dislikes because most frequent forum users are doing this

Yep, a lot of dislikes :D

Honestly i think this is true. Balance is kinda broken but only in browars. Pvp works fine

Lmfao I feel you

I mean, let's not put blame, but yeah...

My idea is matchmaking is only allowed if it's roughly fair by rank and/or it's in arena.

Wanna know what's even worse than this?: Mostly everyone's prestige is messed up, it all dropped, and it's all unbalanced ;-;

My friend wanted to go with an alt account.. i didnt ask him.

'your friend' has too many alternate accounts. I counted 9 unsummon alts on the leaderboard.

actually, half of the players in the game are me on a different account.


Different story as of February 18, eh. ._.

I agree, matchmaking has gone to hell and beyond. maybe only 2 of the same rank people can team? like 1-3 stars can go, 1-3 arrows, 3 arrows-2 stars, the like. sword-skull, axe-trident, 3 stars-sword. you get what I'm saying, right?

This would work...

Then alts? What about them? That would work too. So we need to implement this AND kill alts

...that would happen...nice name though

BRING THEM TO JUSTICE :D :D :D I em suu salty lol

Let's not repeat the same mistake as the unfortunate ones in the past.


Yea,like those dumb dumbs and their parents...

...Welp, by the looks of it Etheric...pretty much?

I don't even have parents.


I feel ya'.....


Another example look at the new number 1 player in arena he plays like shit compared to old top players.

 I use matchmaking group it's also because there isn't reset in the PvP scores such as Football and Arena.

Furthermore,I can maybe play like a "shit" but don't compare old gameplay to new ones, I was a old top player too.

All right, I'll do it too
I like it as much as PoE Orbs and path of exile. If it could be bought, I would buy any currency, especially exalted orbs Orbs


you were not in the top 10.
So you think matchmaking does not need a balance?
the other day i was fighting you Skull level and an axe lvl player vs me 1 star and axe lvl player.

But I do not blame people for doing it tho I mean almost everyone is doing it now, and I do not think rezoner cares that much about wilds anymore since it never reallly took off the ground and made him allot of money (I do not blame him he needs to feed has family).
So I guess wilds has become some kind of facebook where the guy with the most social contact in game wins, I played this game to relax not to be social

I think I am going to quit this game.

I was during a moment before taking a long break.

" So you think", don't make conclusion too fast I never said that matchmaking doesn't need a balance.

"Skull level" ,"Axe level":  those are Ranks  not levels. It just depends of your score. This isn't because I have a skull rank that I'm strong and you have an quad-arrow rank that you're weak. I can lose again players with a lower rank so you shouldn't make this thing a generality.

Almost everyone uses it because they may have friends. You said this game became social like Facebook here it depends of your personality. Indeed, check my old post about my past experience in the game. This is also your point of view so i won't judge it.

I think Rezoner is still working in wanderers.io that's why updates aren't coming, either for scores reset.


Before matchmaking you were sword rank, never higher and now you are the best player according to the arena ranking do not tell me matchmaking didn't do that and do not tell me you were just playing with 'friends'. almost every fight I see you in is you with a lower RANK player against 2 other lower RANK players.
The excuse of just playing with friends is bullshit, I knew this bug existed for a long time, but it did not bother me because almost noone was using it. So you are saying that out of nowhere everybody just wants to play with friends.
Thats why people keep asking me to join there matchmaking 'because they want to be friends'.
Please stop talking bullshit.

Also do not start trying to belittle me because I used the wrong kind of word for a rank, because you're grammar and vocubalary is also far from perfect.

First of all, don't blame me if my grammar is imperfect I'm still a young student.

I had sword rank, played Arena even if there were bugs (score issues, broken kick recently) and I've already been higher than sword rank:

Furthermore, I can't fight players in Arena anymore because they don't want and prefer playing browars.

Even you're saying and comparing me with the other players, you've said with a lower rank and I'll give you my reasons:
-I can just fight lower rank because I reached the limit-rank (Skull) so logically being the 1st made me fight all of the people below 1st spot.
-Ranks don't give any skill and I'm still a beatable player.

-As I said before, nobody wants to fight me in 1vs1.

-Matchmaking is a part of the game and I still use it to play with friends from my new contacts made in this game,

-If you knew this bug you should report it instead of let it to all players.

I know you are an old player, so compare the number of players before and now and see the period of time you need to be"friend"with someone then think about matchmaking.

I have my own theory about this matchmaking function here it is:

 I asked it to an admin but I didn't get any answer.

Hope you can understand my point of view.

What are we arguing about? The peace-loving *cough* guru can try to help but probably fail :D

why don't you read it dumbnut :DD

You do realize no-one can 1v1 you because they're not high enough RANK to go in arena with you. and most of the people who play fort aren't good enough. (At least, I know I can't) And they can't get RANK because their RANK keeps getting lowered by the increase of your ( the leader's) points. But don't mind me, I was only axe before getting put back to 1 star from matchmaking. :|

"you're grammar and vocubalary is also far from perfect" LOL. 

Don't say someone's grammar and "vocubalary" is far from perfect if you're going to make grammar and spelling mistakes in that same sentence

ohhhohhoho burned


notice the word also and 'do not start trying to belittle me because I used the wrong kind of word for a rank'
read the whole thing next time not just 1 sentence

I didn't know Constantine was a savage

Or Storm

Arc's just there

When your friends are good at arena but people says you are just in for da coins

I love gold.

BUMP, because i a m OCD. and moms spaghetti keeps on bumping all the same posts. so i'm evening things up a bit.

Can you shut the fuck up for once?


Don't you hate it when THIS happens?

EU 1-3 star players better watch out for this xD

Notice that we had won 1 battle ._.