matchmaking and balance

John Constantine 2 weeks ago • updated by Mrrppp 18 hours ago 18

matchmaking is ruining arena big time.
the balance in arena is completly gone.
some people are using it nonstop like Issa, what they do is ask an other high level friend to make an alt account and go with them in a match group, and make the lower level player join arena so they can fight against people way below there level.
This really needs a fix.
10 minutes ago I had a match my opponents were issa triadant lvl and sheepie sword lvl. against me 2 stars and another guy 1 star.

I finnaly started enjoying wilds again after months.

ps this post is probbaly going to get allot of dislikes because most frequent forum users are doing this

Yep, a lot of dislikes :D


Honestly i think this is true. Balance is kinda broken but only in browars. Pvp works fine

Lmfao I feel you

I mean, let's not put blame, but yeah...

My idea is matchmaking is only allowed if it's roughly fair by rank and/or it's in arena.

Wanna know what's even worse than this?: Mostly everyone's prestige is messed up, it all dropped, and it's all unbalanced ;-;

My friend wanted to go with an alt account.. i didnt ask him.

'your friend' has too many alternate accounts. I counted 9 unsummon alts on the leaderboard.

actually, half of the players in the game are me on a different account.

28 players in game :p


Different story as of February 18, eh. ._.

I agree, matchmaking has gone to hell and beyond. maybe only 2 of the same rank people can team? like 1-3 stars can go, 1-3 arrows, 3 arrows-2 stars, the like. sword-skull, axe-trident, 3 stars-sword. you get what I'm saying, right?

This would work...

Then alts? What about them? That would work too. So we need to implement this AND kill alts

...that would happen...nice name though


Yes Egg pls

BRING THEM TO JUSTICE :D :D :D I em suu salty lol