Browars/arena map idea

Brai 6 years ago updated by OnderaZ 6 years ago 16

well i know this is lame, late and out of place due to rez doing other games, anyway here is the idea: 

More maps for arena/browars (posible 3v3 too idk) 

But more with a background like the walls you can make on wanderers i have limited time to take with this sol it looks weird but good enough for a concept like in a background (nsfl)

Youtube video

i would ve done it on a grass map but i didnt find my grass image..

Youtube video

I do not actually thing exactly wanderers walls should be  there but some cool walls to make it look like a coloseum, maybe an octagon.

Anyway thats all

+1... Aesthetics.

Probably add moving sprites of the audience sitting in bleachers?

Just 2 frames of 3 or 4 ppl of diferent colors with same sprites and we all are cheering on espect mode

Or even real players being able to cheer and all that stuff,being seperated and with barrier so they wont get involved in fight.

sounds complicated, also just like 3 ppl watching per fight is too much for too little

I think that the maps are more suitable in 3v3 game mode. They're too large for browars and 1v1

yeah to much space for the runners like me >:D

I dont see that much space there, just like training room

This would be a good replacement for the cancerous map with the bridge that all the runners abuse

funny enough thats the most alive map, cheap but looks more alive than a simple square in the ground. Want arena to feel like a colosium, we could craft stories like " i had to enter here, to protect my family, my country and my fries, specially frol.mc donals for only 399, but can you dis?" Kind of stories

noice job, perhaps you should try do the pixel art yerself some time. its good fun, and higher quality.

Tried but you know what happend when you cant draw irl and try it on pc? Well not a clue even tho i can edit if i have the time soo my ideas and concepts are just skins, conceps of game modes that could fit or just like this, add something for.the game that looks like this

BUMP, because i a m OCD. and moms spaghetti keeps on bumping all the same posts. so i'm evening things up a bit.

Well that sounds better than reading people fighting or just 8 to 2 yrs old posts getting bumped, i still think i need to ad grass...

 I will try it today

Credits : rezak&praetorian fight scene

Rezoner's walls

Egzekutor's grass

Also coming up next thanks to how the image above looks like