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Guild Accessories - Claimable and Privatized Options w/ Matchmaking Tags?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Caio Costa 7 years ago 32

Topic of Interest: In-game matchmaking tags have been in the game longer than guilds and in my opinion, have been ignored/neglected for quite some time. Since tribes have tags, why not make guild-based matchmaking tags that are claimable by the tribe leader, can be privatized, and show a full list of those people using it and can select if they are to use it. Kind of like kicking someone out from a tribe, but in a matchmaking sense. This can make guilds and their members easier to identify and select who is suppose to and not supposed to be using the matchmaking tag. 

Possible Solution: This would prevent members that leave a guild still having the matchmaking tag. This causes disruption in who is and isn't a member. It would also incorporate matchmaking with guild members for in-game practice matches. Possibly add a separate list in the 'Members' section of the guild listing the code for your matchmaking tag (maybe add the addition of matchmaking links instead of tags) and all the users using that matchmaking tag. With the idea of matchmaking links, it would be a secure way of disclosing out what a clans matchmaking tag is rather than just stating the matchmaking tag itself.

All likes and constructive comments are highly appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read my post!


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Under review


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Good idea. But its not really needed if you are a good guild leader who can be positive to others. Other than that sure why not I suppose.


No offense Rekt, you have no room to talk. You're the one who used our guild matchmaking tag in the first place without our permission and told everyone about it.


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;) TO be honest using information from 2 months ago is just a shame. Do I do that now? And heres something WHY make this post 2 MONTHS AFTER? Honestly just cause you disliked what I said doesnt mean you have to go out of your way to attack me. Oh yes and suggestion you preach this but here if you wanna talk to me about this stuff take it to discord let things stay productive here. I dont know why you wouldnt do the simplest of things. 

"Oh yes and suggestion you preach this but here if you wanna talk to me about this stuff take it to discord let things stay productive here."

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This would be useful especially for u saii lel

you know sometimes i find it annoying when a guild dictates the vote system @everyone vote if you like it not if its your guild leader or guild members post.


Like I said, preaching that in order to get a "monopoly on forums," the first step is to not talk trash about us behind our backs.

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Can you read dates? 


Rekt just likes to talk crap about people when he gets the chance.

And two the fact that both my comments got disliked proves my point VGL gaming stop irresponsibly using your guild or rather keep your guild mates under control and tell them to actually say something before disliking. This makes your guild mates no better than those random dislikes on posts. Anyways move it to discord I would rather not talk here, but if you do I will not respond.

Then what is the point of talking to you on Discord, Rekt?


STOP fighting this should be a place to collarobate and discuss constructave things.


thanks everyone


I'm in Vigilantes I I sometimes down-vote other members if there ideas aren't that good.

Thanks, man, that's greatly appreciated!


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Great idea! +1