New Mode: ????

Phroenix 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 11

Hello everyone, I'm almost going to sleep so I decided to post an idea before going to bed.

Parkour Mode


Parkour mode would be several maps with parkour for the player to do,
each map passed the player would earn coins, and points in the ranking of
parkour (clear that would have to have a ranking if not the idea would not
be cool.) A map would have 3 spawnpoints (3 matches in case) after the
player completes the 3 parkours and mark the 3 spawnpoints the menu would
appear talking: You Got It! Congratulations. And Soon after the parkour mode
points counter would grow the numbers and your rank as well.
(That neither Arena, 1v1, 3v3, or futebool.) I do not have any image to
represent the post I'm sorry :-(
By: Phroenix <3

could have basketball court too

Yes, good idea brother! :)

Foot-basket-balls. XD

i dont like it its going to be extremely hard for rez to code all the lvl and its just not worth it in the end

also theres already plenty of parkour in CTF

The CTF will come back with a totally new and more difficult map, and you may not have
 those parkours. And other than ctf the parkour mode will give you coins and points in the ranking of parkour.

Perhaps have harder parkour sections within the current wilds maps; and have better objects spawn at the end. The only problem with this is that the spear can easily pool-vault over mountains.

You could not use the spear in parkour mode because the floors would not be large, and
 you can also remove the spear in the mode.

Could this be a lobby thing where you have a private room that you can parkour and practice soccer in?

It could also be.

would be great if i was owner :)