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Ping on the map.

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Poke Hano 7 years ago 17

I am thinking about adding ability to ping on the ground. Do we need that?

i don't get it, what does it mean?

Ping is the speed of your internet in ms until you get to the server if it is high is lag if  is low u no have any lag problem, Unless your computer is bad and the frames fall


Yes add ping and 

if possible add fps too


Maybe an option for LOW FPS like LOW

yes for potatos pc

( i no have a bad pc )

Potatoes pc xD

Potatoes and toasters

please add this


I would make the option accessible in the controls area, like a checkbox for the notification of FPS/ping in-game. I would also suggest adding color tones for FPS.

• Green - suitable frames per second

• Yellow - moderate frames per second

• Red - low frames per second

Good idea. 

Folks i think you get it wrong. I think Rez idea, is possibility of making pings on map which can give to players information like, in some place they need help/is here something Interesting. Like in league of legends.

Under review

Erm.... I thought map ping is a well established term in MMO gaming http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3275295

As for roundtrip latency ping - I will add that also. But I have meant signals on map ;)

oh i get it now, something like this?'

No, it's a number that tells you how laggy you are, to say it in a more simplistic way.

Yes something like that - but probably simplified to just one signal.

Ohh yeah so i have a few ideas. i usually get mechanichal ideas from Vainglory but thats another story. So heres a few in their game which i feel transporting over may do some good: Tactical Pings, common usage So here are all pings. The cross heir basically means go there or rather target there. The danger sign means danger (obvious). The run means RUN and the symbol after means everyone meet up here. The question mark is used to indicate when someones gone "an enemy". so yeah these are a few pings from the game of vainglory. I personally feel its a good addition as the game it self just gets hated on for trolls but not for gameplay. SO I personally feel its a good intake