Top down view

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago 27

Well... with the view like all the IO games have we would need 8 times less sprites so we could add 8 times more shields, weapons etc. Less stuff to load, less stuff to draw.
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I like it but I kinda feel that the running and the things that made wilds wild would be a bit taken a way. But overall its a good idea.

Meh...I prefer the current view...


Same as me. Maybe this need more work for adding new animations, but i think current view make good climate, which not have most of io games. It makes this game is special in some aspects.


Do not even try to think about this idea


Then it would just be moomoo.io 

If I wanted to play moomoo I would go and play moomoo. 


On a personal level Rezoner, if you ever added this to the game — I would send a special package to your house and inside that package will contain a can of "Whoop-ass."

game works fine.

nah just nah

The only reason other io games do that is because it's easier to make.


yee rez dontdo this ur talented and special


im going to say all the words that are passing through my head right now



Wow...a Rezoner post that is 11 votes in the hole...


We understand that moomoo and things are simpler and get more popularity, but dont you think that the new melee is enough change/addition?

guys constructive criticisim, im looking at VGL gaming here.

Boi there's already enough constructive criticism, repeating comments is useless

What comment says this exactly?


make an option to put this mode on?


i think its a good idea. fuck the haters. do what you gotta do. people alwys complain

We complain for the better, you dunce

what an utterly gay thing to say

this will destroy wilds, don't change the view

this looks like a phone version... with a map half of the size... and half poeple and less actions.. with less things... so you can make a phone version of wilds.io and done... but not the browser vertion rez... its more! we need armor not moomoo veiw ._.)