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Should I remove or improve disarming opponent with kick?

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 33

I think this mechanics is so unpredictable that it adds no depth for neither experienced nor new players that only get confused why their weapon is flying in the air out of sudden


Make a kick at an angle of 90 degrees, otherwise it's not pleasant when the opponent knocks your weapon with your ass


In that case, people shouldn't be able to block with their asses too, block should be reduced to at least 180° degree again.

I think block should stay the same as is now. Now it's possible hurt enemy in back, even when he blocking.

How it is now, it's luck based, when you hit from behind, IF YOU'RE LUCKY, you can hit them, any type of "Turning" that the person does it will make you hit their shield and... suffer a lot. As it is now, it's almost impossible to back-stab someone on purpose. When it were 180° it were good, because it actually MADE people turn to block, instead of blocking to any direction and being half-invulnerable.

180 degree block was already tested in game, and fight is too much difficult and less skill based, because normal attack spam can you kill easy, especially when you are crowded. And this is only one way of attack from much more attacks avaible in game.

You're forced to turn to block, that's skill based, and that's why it's more difficult.

It was tested and it were nice, even the votes were half and half, but you guys couldn't adapt yourselves to the higher skilled base game.

I wasn't having problems of dying by "Basic attacks".


I talk about spammers. If they can easy kill player just spamming left click, they not learn how use other moves, because when player see, spamming tactic works, he will continue playing with this style. In my case i can adapt myself to new changes faster than most players in this game, but remeber in this game much players not have that much skill for survive spam attack from few sides. Where this players have fun, when all time die in 15 sec? Too high dificulty cap can easy scare new players and they can not back to the game. And new players is something what we need.

 One more thing why this block was removed is higher amount of runners which avoid fight because they know it's very easy die.

Just gonna' say right now, you're talking to a game developer who understands the majority of the game and its code.

What your comment has to do with this discussion? Being a developer doesn't mean he can't hear feedbacks.


Being a dev doesn't automatically make you good at balancing, you know, in case you've never played any video games besides wilds.io before.


i know. how about 180 degrees but 360 if you have one of the better shields.

Kicking and blocking should both be 90° angles. The only people crying about it are casuals.

I think it's an interesting mechanic, I'd like it to stay for now.

I also like this mechanic. It gives you a cool element of surprise and forces the player to learn how to fight without weapons.

And how you want improve it?

Under review

I don't know how

Hymm for me this mechanic works fine, but maybe someone have idea how improve it. I think easy tutorial ( like this in slay.one) or tips with achievments can help new players understand this mechanic.

improve it i think :)

I think that if you remove it, maybe add something else. 

What if, if you both attack at the same time your weapons collide, and have clashing sound. just an idea.


Dori vs Balin (fighting in attack-attack-attack style) : *clash* *clash* *clash* *clash* *clash* *clash*

That's interesting concept.

This is nice idea but I don't know how long I will last my fury of repeating sounds:

- Female character run scream (the most annoying)

- Male character run scream (a little less annoying but it's just 0.0001% less)

- Thrown weapon sound

- Wood thrown into campfire sound (Oww, my ears :'( )

Adding clashing sound what's chance of getting its' own bug is 198.15% will be crossing borders for me.. :D

It could be a subtler, duller, sound.


if you dont like sounds - disable it xD


i like the idea of the clash sounds if they hit the weapon.. but that should kind of feel like the shield so you have to be carrefoul not to hit to at the same time because it can cause a little bit of stun but not that much like the shield so you can also stop the weapon to hit you if you also hit? mm idk  is that is a little unbalanced tho. regarding the hit the weapon.. maybe just the front? not the back? even so, i like the option of kicking the wepons that is like 80% surprice for both of the fighters.

Make the disarm faster Or kick faster or have a seperate disarm

Improve it because I always end up disarming an opponent by chance and it's just not fair for them

yeah i agree

I disarm by skill. Ik how it works, actually


Disarming is an incentive for players not to spam attack, so definitely keep it. It does kind of act weird, though, so maybe you can only disarm an opponent when you are facing each other?

Or when you're behind them, as in a backstabbing way?

you mean attack at the same time and then cick for disarming?

i actually disarm people with my butt? HOLY... IM A PRO.

just joking im noob :P