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Market in Melee?

Bigness 7 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 5

However late or absurd this may be, I think we should have a compressed version of the old market ruins as the melee map.  The chaotic, close-quarters fighting fits the indoor market more, (which can have the same layout, just different graphics.)  This is also an opportunity to show off variety, which may attract new players.  I love the melee mode, its hardcore fun, but on the release day, it had less average players than the fort map did.  I think a switch of graphics would help.


Switch of graphics? Hmm... But what do you mean and how can it be done?

The market map was cool but it lacks the different terrain levels of the current melee map.

As in the tiers of the mountains?  I was think of jumping on top of shop roofs.  Again, I don't expect this to be implemented, but I was just putting an idea out there.  I just though a change of scenery would be good.

Under review

Hehe actually this mechanics was intended to be used with Alladin styled houses but I don't have time to draw them hence I have applied it to the mountains.