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Ban Galactus

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 194

Hello and I would like to request the banning of Galactus. He is calling new players "noobs" all the time and I tried to tell him to stop but claims that he doesn't care and he knows Rezoner and said that Rezoner will change everything he says just because he says that he knows Rezoner. He is a threat to the general player base because he is discouraging new future professionals to quit wilds.io because Galactus claims that he is better than them and should be ashamed. I will provide screanshots.

OK I know he is a bully but don't do that Ukryty. I know you are.  :)

Ooooh, sweet :3 Btw. you are playing Skyrim?

But your nick is a words player says to push everyone far away with scream.

yeah from a "dragonborn"

BTW, how is Alduin doing?

I never knew it, search on youtube.

You can make them to your car!

What a long discussion

We can make it much longer!

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well, now that we are in this topic, i will like to ban someone FROM my tribe, he still enter even tho he leave to create another tribe but he keeps entering and using my tag so people would not kill him or to get close to another member so he can bring them into his tribe -.-  


Make a entirely different topic.

Also Galactus would run from you if you chase him, which is annoying.


He's still that coward. :D


Sad reality, game is full of cowards...


They just run, don't fight, you chase them becuz they're kings, but I heard somewhere that running is healthy!

some times i run away from other players when i'm the king like the time i had a slit of health left and i was being chased by a guy with a skull mask and sword. yeah he killed me. damn charge attacks.

Hmmm...There are plenty people who do this (naming UNDEFEATED), and a ban sounds too harsh, but I agree there has to be punishments for not being a community member and discouraging the player base.

what other punishment will serve Galactus then?


just ban him from chat.

He can "dance" on your corpse. Either way, one can find a way to bully on a game. One way or another.

i rekted an UNDEFEATED person in arena .-.

Oh, I know him ... He always said that I'm donater, and the game is built on the principle of "pay to win"...

Nothing wrong with that as long as you aren't abusing that privilege.

I mean developers aren't making games for free.

Idk how u can abuse that .-.

Call everyone noobs and claim that since you are a patreon, you won't be banned.

But am not patreon, i collect all my gold ba myself 


i know this guy. yeah he called me a noob when he only just bet me on arena mode. and it was the map i'm worst at and i was glitching out. not to mention i have a higher arena score than him. and more expensive items.


If I had to make a list with similar players, the number of players could frighten you.

i wanted to say that lol.


There will always be salty and rude people on the internet. But remember, you are better and they just do that because they are behind the screen and no one knows them. Don't waste your time replying to them, just ignore.

Or get rid of. Galactus discourages new players (players that we need to help become king/ queen) and it doesn't help the game grow in anyway.

I also remember that Galactus actually called me a noob... i chased him through the entire map... HE GOT REKT BOII!

also he is a wand user and... well, wand = coward


hey i use wand. but also bow and sword.


woah woah woah, wand users aren't cowards here. That's the same thing as calling sword users more noob than axe mains. Wand is actually quite hard to use, taking aim, stamina management, and tons of unarmed fighting. Being good at wand is not easy. 


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welp you actually counted those manually?

*claps* play ear rape THERES something called replies theres 70 of em now 71 ;) :PP

no i didnt you can see how many there are at the top

Thanks for contributing.  XD


Under review

70+ comments... now that's something I have to look into :D

yeah sorry about that Rezoner.


Galactus was talking a lot of crazy stuff just to try to scare me off.


blablablabla 70 comments for ban one guy lol


Well a ban is something that is really serious. So lengthy discussion is required before a final verdict.  (Decided by Rezoner)

just ban him from the chat

ban him at chat for 1 month.


mhmh personally its stupid uselss ban imo hes just bragging


so many comments, person who made this gets 10k coins XD




Except we were all new players at one time. They are the future of this game and its success. Do you think someone would want to play in a toxic degrading environment. People calling you, noob, f*g, n*ger, b*tch, loser, etc.... If you do that you should get banned. It's toxic, and it also spreads; other people will see you doing it and will start doing it themselves. I've started saying absolutely nothing when I fight, especially in the arena, mostly because it's distracting. If I want to talk I go to Discord.

I mean, who know just how click LMB.Is it so hard to complete tutorial?

bruh when you first started playing i bet bots killed you.

i can name 10+ players that in a 1v1 you wouldn't get one win it would be 3-0

Sadly, I don't have Discord....

If he beats you, learn his tactics and crush him.  If you need help, ask others for training/advice/etc.  Basically, get better and make him eat his words. That goes for anyone that you're upset with in the game.  That's the #1 thing to remember. It's just a game. A hell of a fun game, but still a game.


bullies don't work like that. the more you reply the more mad that makes them.


Yeah but they are a threat to the player base. Why should we have bullies who discourage you from playing a game?



Well, I mean trash talk is a thing...

In basketball, players trash talk each other all the time. I trash talk in arena too, depending on how intense the game is. I see it as a tactic to tilt your opponent and potentially get ahead. Don't let mind games get to you.

Afterwards, it's all good. Remember, it's just a game, don't take things too seriously. 

Honestly if I ever fought this guy I'd beat his ass and call him a faggot just to make him mad


Maybe it's not my place to say this but by doing that you would be stooping to his level, you should show that he isn't worth you're time, this shows that you are mature and aren't childish like him, thus making you a better person, but then again this isn't my place to tell you, I'm just another random guy.


Nah because he's being a bully he pushed first so I'll push him back


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Lol. Four dislikes. Probably fake accounts making fake votes.

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I wonder what Galactus has to say about all this.


So much hate for one person. Theres like a million ppl just like mr galxy out there


Like really. He sucks and he calls everyone a noob. And if he makes a bad mistake it is always "lagggg" or "3 vs 1"


This community is such a circle jerk, all patting each other on the back for putting other people down. I have no idea how a thread trying to get someone banned for "calling people noobs" even gets such a positive reception. Meanwhile players who try and create legitimate discussion just get pooped on.

I don't think it's the guy calling people noobs pushing new players away from this game.


yet you cant say that calling possible long term players noobs is ok either. thats why its got the thumbs up. also he has said other ruder things than that before.


It's not ideal but I don't agree that someone should be banned for it. Is there an ignore feature? Maybe a player who is well liked should suggest an ignore feature so it can get thumbs up.

It's already been suggested, but Rez hasn't seen it

I'm pretty well known, but that doesn't really make a difference

A bit of sarcasm on my part, it shouldn't make a difference and ideas/posts should be judged on the merit of their content but honestly that is not the impression I get around here.


Still, Galactus was targeting not only me. And usually, new people are still trying to learn the functions in the game.

i said they should ban him from the chat.

120 comment SO MUCH

Thanks for contributing.



most people that are to lazy/scared to type easy are annoying/noob does it take that long or something or just that you cant spell like there's not even a z in the word.


I mean I get called noob sometimes, even when I defeat my opponent. There's nothing to do about it except ignore/kill them


Today he was doing the same, me and a couple of guys were killing him multiple times, he kept coming back and calling us "fags" etc. He need to be warned at least, extremely mean player.

Yup. I've been there 

Wow 131 comments


(Guinness World record) 

YOU WON'T do it with this thread XD

seva i think

Odd seva said that all the time (*-*)

140 replies ;-;.

Guys freaking chill. It's only one person causing all this trouble. The solution is to ignore. So every time you see a rude person are you going to try to ban him/her? 

Nope, it's not enough. This guy is toxic, he was trying to kill me like 10000 times when I was first, dying miserably, calling me various names.

Rip the comment chain

nice harmbe. proof (:

Reckt? seriously? Seals could destroy them with a finger in ass!

Nice proof. I had trouble gathering evidence because whenever Galactus typed, I could not see it in chat, Global and USA alike. You literally had to see his character.

btw, the same words of Undefeated.

immediately swapped personalities :D


You ppl are so sensitive

Ok Rezoner, we all want an answer to this matter. Should we ban him from chat or ban him from the game itself  or ignore?


I hate that i just sat here and read every comment in this topic

another guy just called me a noob when he only just bet me with a slit of health.

i got wrecked by a rope bomber soon before he killed me.

you deserve punishment by death for bumping 3 months old posts


Guys....I started playing now for a few weeks...and to be honest he is one of the best players I have seen around. Every time the whole server is against him and he fights alone against 3-5 without loosing. He even fought 1on1 on Mistodel and killed him 3 times. No joke.

I'm neutral and calling s.b. noob is normal...go play counterstrike or every other online game..you will be called other names...noob is nothing vuglar.

really. i have killed galactus heaps. besides stop bumping old bloody posts that don't matter anymore. especially this one.

Yea,the stupid thing that is that it kept tracking after getting killed 2 times by me and once by accident,which is annoying as hell and when he kills me after,he's mostly insulting me and calling me noob and all sorts of stuff.


when i cut trees? xd
Last time what i do its guests 

I was not active around a 2 weaks. (+- 3 days)


No u fought him and you lost like 3 times easly...u were only aiming him like a fag, while he was fighting everybody...Then he said "KING GALACTUS" and u raged even more dude....Its his strategy, dont u get it...he is taunting u guys^^


Ok,he was trying to make me rage,I admit,but regardless if you saw me killing him or not,i manged to kill him only few times after he killed me like 2-3 times.Then I stoped and he soon quit it.He pissed off so no problem now.I've been through a lot of stuff and I know those kind of people.Only thing that I was pissed is that my ping never reached bellow 84 so I'm sorry if I was pissed or sounded mean cuz' of that.Now you know.


To be ownest and fair...he is damn good..go watch him...haters gonna hate..but i like him...see u at the game.

Dont be so sensitive...nowdays u need for every gender a toilet.

that bump tho

I can beat Galactus easlily in a 1v1 fight. The only rule is that it has to be a fight not a run-away


Why would you comment on this? This is a forgotten topic and by commenting, you just moved this topic to where all the present topics are. This do not need to be commented on.


Why would u even start this kind of topic in first place dude????????? I guess he killed u like 100 times and u couldn't do anything and u got raged :)

I guess you haven't learned your way around here kid. Look at people's profile description and you should know. Original owner is dead which is not me.


Besides that was three months ago kid. Fuck off.


you should get a ban for insulting in forums.


Piss off, m8


Bilbo that's my thing don't do that XD

Btw,after I killed him,he went after me and died like 2 times,then he killed me and called me noob,bitch ect.That's way different than this you mentioned.


I saw you too Seal...you fought against him..then you only hunted him...but he still killed you a lot. And yeah he called you noob but you also called him names....


That's cuz we were even now.I dunno what you saw but i killed him 3 times and then he killed me 3 times,and he called me bitch,noob,but I just standed up for myself.Just chill.

Where's that galactus, I can't fight him since ages when I met him last time.

Galactus plays in EU server probably the same you play in. I don't suggest you go hunting him.

Thats because runners have advantage over chasers

Another slave of Galactus, lel.
and "opps, bumped'


I'm not his goddamn slave.He was just pissed cuz he died and started insulting me then i stood up and told him to piss off.Nothing to make racket for.

not u Seal , Xenon.


I'm saying in general,man.No worry.

As much as I hate Xenon for commenting on old topics, I do not think that this should ever resurface anymore. Also, Seal, I support what you did because we need to be able to stand up for ourselves against rude people.

Sure Galactus may have some ounce of skill but you can't deny the fact that he is one of the most annoying and rude people out there.

Besides, this topic should not reach 200 comments.

if u wanted this to be gone

leave it be

I know how people can be rude,that's why I'm mostly loner(positive way) ingame and in real life since I don't have much problems that way and I'm fine with that.


i cant beilieve i read all of that

i can relate when people rage and try rope bomb ya