UNDEFEATED (Reporting)

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 28

I am reporting UNDEFEATED because he is calling players noobs like Galactus. Here is evidence:

Image 1644

Keep in mind that I am not trying to bet him banned. I am only spread public awareness of UNDEFEATED so if you do come across him, please avoid. Also, Bigness said that UNDEFEATED was Galactus but I'm not sure so can Rezoner research this possibility as soon as possible?

Also, I have never seen Galactus and UNDEFEATED play at the same time so them being the same person is a possibility.


Woah woah...I didn't say that.  When I said UNDEFEATED = Galactus, I meant they had the same attitude and disrespect.  I'd also like to add on that UNDEFEATED does more than calling others noobs.

ohh I was about to say...


Guys, just ignore and they will get tired of it then stop. Trust me, it works

yup, it actually does i ignore people all the time. (someone screams towards me) aaaaall the time.


I'd like to point out that many users on wilds call others derogatory terms like such. UNDEFEATED isn't the only one. I'm not saying what he does is right or should be condoned, but I don't think he should be the only one called out and punished for it? Especially since some say things that are much worse.

Bo why don't you report them then?


I guess its true that there are too many bad people in this world to call out or mention.  Thinking about it now, UNDEFEATED is not worth anyone's attention, as annoying as he may be.


smh just cause one worked doesnt mean you have to go out of your way to call people out really dude thats just worse than this 


What do you mean? You think I did this for Motherfucking stars!? You shut up and keep quiet you pessimistic human being!!!


At least I'm trying to do some good in this world! You just keep criticizing a person who is trying to do some good!


Like I once said, Pokemon, you would always talk crap about people when you get the chance.


Dude, chill Poke Hano just voiced his opinion. Maybe these reports aren't doing good... Try to think of a way to fix this, rather than starting a mass banning post.

Fass i want you to know I see through your act and two my name is not associated with pokemon thanks for presuming that and two stop acting like seva actually no your basically just seva + !!!!!! ;) your not helping your case at all in fact you did not respond to what I said you just defended your self and did not prove your case. This makes your post irrelevant. Good day sir.

You do realize acting in a childish manner and disliking my comments just goes to show your not fit for this.


I agree, especially with bigness' comment. There are rude people everywhere. Focus on contributing to the game instead of reporting every little thing anyone does

Which I am also doing....


Personaly i think this is not enough reason for wasting Rez time. Sure this guy maybe is rude, but still calling someone "noob" etc. Is something what i often see in game.I know some extremally rude players who act with racism, very bad words and so on. But i do not report them because i do not want waste Rez time. 

I think we all as community should keep eye on such people and learn them, similar rude actions is not good for him and for the rest of the players.

If everyone start posting such behavior, Rez would not have time for working on game. Report should be will make only when this is really necessary. 

This is my opinion about it.

Egzy is right. I don't get why people complain so much I have been called noob a lot just  get better at the game and no one can beat you.

to be honest I think the point of all of these post is to make an reporting system of some sort

he has not even mentioned a reporting system of any sort in this post where do you get this from?


It's time to close these posts.  Stop commenting on them, we've reached an agreement of what should happen.

Honestly Oathbreaker, if it's not true, why does it bother you?