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Dear players. How long does it take you to collect 200 gold?

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 7 years ago 36

I have to balance economy a bit before adding mini quests and I need that info.

It does take me sometime because I play fort a lot and I do not use chests or shops.

Like half an hour if I sell at the shops.

Probably 30 - 40 minutes

If i'm just playing for fun, it takes me maybe an hour or so. If i'm grinding, however, i've been able to collect gold very quickly, like 200 in 25-30 minutes.

30 minutes or 20 cause each chest (I believe drops 25 gold) drops 25 gold and theres a time frame where you dont get any chests and to top it off some dudes wanna kill you for the chest aswell so 30 or 20 varying on the conditions

Approximately an hour if you collect coins from players

Takes me the same amount of time that's usually said

Like 30 mins

Around 20-30 minutes

Also you broke your own rule by labeling this under ideas lol, it should've been questions

Id say 15 minutes with a friend at the bottom right of the map, 20-30 on your own selling coins

I was collecting to gold limit few days ago, I needed 15 minutes to get 200 gold, because many players was going to hunt me (Don't worry! 76 bones is enough for you to get wildarazzis on your ass with axes/hammers/swords/wands/bows/claws/spears!), to kill some time I was going to shop to sell everything I got from other players. But when I'm not collecting cash for anything, I need ONE OR TWO MONTHS to get 200 cash!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO THROW SOMETHING INTO THE WALL!!! GIVE ME A CHAIR!!!!


10min with axe u need get wood, switch the wood to knife and switch the knife to gold


Or get the gold from warehouse ;)

30-50 minutes.

power grind? probaly30-ish minutes depending on the opposing team

but collecting money gets boring REAL quick because there's really no purpose with the money

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u mean like u have bought everything in the shop or is stuff in shop boring?

I think he means, and I agree that the actual collection is an absolute bore. It is just grinding the item trading, because fighting takes too long.

Depends if I'm farming at the chest and how much I'm grinding to get gold. 15 - 20 minutes if I'm farming at the pit, 25 - 40 if not.

25-30 minutes if at the spikes.

1 day with no spikes or shops ;p

It takes around 30 minutes.

If i collect gold during the fight i need around 30-60 min for collect 200 gold, but when i use gold farming with shops i need no more than 30 min.


I take pride in being the fastest coin collector.  It's really all I have time for anymore.  I can fill my daily 250 in 10 minutes, I assume it takes about 30 minutes for average people who get distracted with fighting and who move slowly.

20-30 minutes in worm pit. I am coin-collector in game. :)

27 minutes

Less than a half hour if you farm items then sell it to the gold shop. Also if there are lots of noobs on, you can farm the worm pit and the spikes really fast.

20 to 30 min

usually 20 min :)

okey.. this question its a little weird, if one plays only at night it can be around 20 mis, but if you play 2 times a day it can be less or never 200

Dont chat about spamming coins people . youre just saying that youre coin spammers. I dont think were meant to spam gold than to fight other people. This doesnt mean everyone has time for it.

I take about 5-15 minutes for collecting my daily gold, it depends of the players attacking you.
My armory looks like this:
I've bought every weapons and still left 7410 gold. I think new weapons with more expensive cost could be good to me.

around 30 minutes