be able to sit down

BadgerButt 7 years ago updated by Bigness 7 years ago 9

the name says it all id like to be able to sit down

in wilds.io

eerrrrmm,,,,ok ? not sure what to think about that...do you mean like your character just sits on the ground ? If yes then i think that its kinda useless and boring


Useless but fun (also could be good for roleplaying).


This should have a skill too, like arrows and projectiles avoid you, but you can't do anything only stand up, and better than stay-in-place stamina regeneration (This will mean 3x better stamina regen than when moving)? What do you think?

maybe a slight regen? but more dmg taken from melee and knifes

ummmm... This is kinda random. What will you do when you sit?


Lol the sit would be like the jump: an offer for being friends

For...taunting?  "Teabagging?"  Not sure what the purpose of this would be...