Desert houses and more

savage doge 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 6

Desert houses and more

This is short topic so there :)

Hey, you could add houses and extra things in the desert / ruins map i don't really know but it will look detailed and cool.

Image 1585

That is one desert house

Image 1586

This one has a palm tree you could add to the desert (or ruins)

Image 1587

So now we get into big things, you can remove the stuff you don't want because i believe this will take really long to make, so like imagine its just houses :D, you can also actually add all this but it's your opinion :D

Comment what you dislike about this.

Hmmmm... where did you find those?

He probably made sprites but idk lol


The 1st image is from a tower defence game i think.

The 2nd is from.... Zelda?

And the 3rd image are just some sprites made by him.

Did i got these wrong or are these true? tell me if i did :)

Those are some shit sprites, i'm just kidding.

Hmmm, doesnt ruins/forts already have these at the bottom of the map?

Desert was made to be empty pretty much, it hasn't been changed. Adding these would make it into another ruins.


Good idea, but i think houses for barbarians should looks more "barbaric". Something like tents or simple constructions  which can fit better to barbarian culture.