Lava Hyperion 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 7

Can we get a potion that makes you invisible for a few seconds that way you have more of a chance getting away from a group of people the work can't see you and different things but make this potion rare.

Or make it where everyone has a bar that slowly fills by kills or bones then you can use it as you want for short or long burst.

If you don't like this don't give me too much hate its just and idea.

This idea was copied and modified many times, but Rez declined it. Don't cry..


He didn't decline them just didn't say anything about them or the the person who made them.


Under two conditions:

1.  Translucent, not completely invisible.

2.  Lasts 15 seconds.

If you hit anyone or get hit, it wears off

Maybe not invisible at all? it should be like the slay.one invisibility that they can still see you but they need to have a good sight to see you. And thats why the vast majority of slay.one players need to eat carrots.


You can't use weapon items while invisible - it would be too op to sneak up on the king and then bomb-rope-roll to instakill them

that's true or roll bomb