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Sandworm Pit Problems

opato 4 years ago updated by Bigness 4 years ago 10

Kind of a two-pronged post.

1) The sandworm can still eat you even if you're outside the pit (see picture below)

2) I think it'd be good to have a second set of stairs leading in and out of the pit. It's too easy to wait by the only exit for noobs and kick them down into the sandworms mouth :)

Great idea- and good point!


and have a football server which is 2v2


You should make this a separate post so it gets seen :P

Under review

Sandworm is fixed - I am not closing the thread tho to see what's the opinion on second exit - I like that people block the stair and kick you back - it adds character / mechanics to the pit.

Yes I agree, I like it too as it helps me farm bones :P

Me likey. Can't you just jump over the edge of the pit? There is no need for an entrance when you can just jump down from anywhere.

Yeah there are infinite entrances but only one exit :)

Oh I see what you mean

Excellent idea