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Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 45

Ahoy there. I am quite busy lately but I am stealing as much time as I can to work on the game.

The next upcoming thing are new items and slots customization - you will be able to pick what 4 items you want to carry.

I think the most spectacular one is a grenade - so here is a little glimpse of it:

Youtube video


okay this is not barbaric but is okay and this is funny :)

Under review

It's totally barbaric - they are made of coconuts filled with gunpowder.


If its not barbaric whats the ice mage than :D


Will it be buyable item in shop for coins?


Yes, new items will be unlockable for coins.

So it means we will find it in game or...


It means both - first you unlock new items with gold - then you can find them in game.
One player will see a knife - the other may see it as grenade - depending on what slots he have chosen.

a ok is coconuts XD this is so barbaric xD okay yes is barbaric :V

whar damege it do and what cost


This update will be good

these things are "wilds" (heh heh )

i think you should be able to kick it back to them

I think it will be a great update! I'm sometimes clumsy with the bombs, so I think I'm going to replace a bomb with an extra knife or something. xD

grenades do do self damage right?

Great idea. And what about dmg? :3

Looks amazing. Keep up the good work dude! Hope these will be added soon, they could be thrown to counter charge-spammers a little. Keep doing you!

~Seraph (Reckon)

lol ok! this is pretty lit! also looks funny af

wainting the grenade xD

No one written about music in game .-.

I noticed this too, but i not know this going in to the game o.o I love music and i want this in game :D

It already was as an idea...someone just said "Music" as the topic

Will you then be able to edit the item bar so you only have 4 health or 3 knives and 1 mine?


toxic grenade ? fire grenade ? ice grenade ?


I think she needs to inflict 4 units of damage and the blast radius should be smaller than the bombs


Can we modify throw range? Like by holding it down more like charging?

Aswell Good job rezoner with the bugs this time there wasnt as many

looks op af, but whatever you say, Rezoner.

Never got to see the damage it does against other players.

How much will unlocking new weapons cost? Hopefully not too much, I was close to buying the skull.


i am waiting you update XD


It's gonna take a while.

it taking soo long for updates

i cant wait!!!!!!!


random not buying from shop


So what happened to buying it from the shop?

I decided it's better if they are accessible right away, that's all