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TREES! #Treeslivesmatter #Treelovernothugger

Moms Spaghetti 7 years ago updated by Leap 7 years ago 19

Alright, if there is anything underrated or overlooked in this game, its not the weapons, the buildings, the maps, ITS THE TREES! Now, back in the last map there was a nice little forest and I had my own favorite tree back next to the blue team spawn, to the left of the spikes. I have also probably (not joking here) spent 30+minutes chopping at that damn tree. (ask mrrppp, merchant, evasive for proof, they helped) BUT NOTHING HAPPENS! Its not like I expected it to do anything but it would be great if you could make some particles fly or something when you hit it, or even better CHOP THEM DOWN for some wood or something i dont know. So that next time when the spaghetti squad regroups, our tree chopping ceremony can be more satisfying and fun. (do not tell me its not fun)

One more thing, MORE TREES! I explored the whole map and what a disappointment! I could only count maybe 5 or 6! (tell me if theres more by the way) Something cool would be a forest, with a little ruin in the middle, and plenty of trees. Maybe in the outskirts of the map? So that when people want to meet mysterious figures offering magic potions, they can meet in the outside dark dangerous forest. THAT GIVES ME AN IDEA! Tree dwelling monsters! Elves of something, they drop something cool!

Spaghetti and trees go hand to hand, lets make this happen for the non-spaghetti peasants too.


Thats a godammit good idea!





Under review

First version of this game had choppable trees :) Yes it's hard to believe but it's the same engine and code base.

Rez how much work you must make to add this thing? This is funny have choppable trees, but i think it's so much work... Just asking ;3

It was already coded in and used the same engine,the only thing id assume is make it multiplayer compatiable

Note that the character model is different now. Probably you would have to perform a new animation sprites.


lol, amaaaziiiiiiing

That's so cute

Add leaves though it goes with spring :D

Redo The Same Its So Awesome!

+9999999999999999 amazing, i like ceremony xddddd

i waaant a treeeee xddd

Spag count me into the spaghetti squad

MORE TREE CHOPPING! IT MUST COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!! #Spaghettisquad #Treechopping

Make chopable trees only if you have axe, and you can place it near the walls, if you jump on it you can jump on the wall

Axe and sword*


It would be cool if you could add trees as traps. Chopping down a tree makes the tree fall, and if it lands on an enemy, he/she loses HP or dies.