easier unlocks

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this is bothering me a long time now and im just gonna say it. the unlocks need to be easier to get or cheaper. either make downgraded versions of the weapons (lets say the sword is a smaller sword like a dagger,but does less damage and does different attacks. or for the mage a wand instead of a staff wich does different spells and attacks.) its that easy to do but it probably has to be done, or lets just say the weapons where like, lets say the bow is instead of 2400 coins its 2100 coins. i dont care about the "they need to feel a reward" i just wanna be able to play this game with the fun weapons instead of the axe. so if you could please just make downgrades or just make some items cheaper( like the sword is not 2000 but 1800). its ruining the fun for me and other so please do this.


Skull is very expensive, but this is magic of this. If bow could cost same what skull, and could be OP, people have dream about this, and try to get that bow. After long time its more exciting and more, and when they buy it, they explode of happiness. But if bow could cost 20 gold, with same currency, so limit is enough to buy everything, for people it could be boring and wilds.io could feel like desert map (who remember?). I hope you understood that what i wrote.


Heh probably you not know but in old times sword cost 5000 coins and money drop only from dead players.

Now collect money for new equipment is 2x easier...


I don't think the weapons should be any cheaper. They should rather be more expensive than cheaper. 2000 is in fact not that much.
I don't know if you are aware of it, but you can temporarily aquire the other weapons from chests on the Ruins Map, which you will then have until you die next time.


dude everyweek you can get 800 coins

so in 4 week you get 3200 COINS WOW

so you can get easely money if you where playing from a long time bow was 2000

#rezoner needs da gold cause he cant give stuff away for free

lets just make every weapon into a spongebob stick and that i deal 387256 damage because im shit at the game

You just have to play maybe 15 minutes a day for 10, 11 days. That doesnt seem like a lot

Where are the dislikes coming from geez

Just saying, you can literally unlock the hammer, a top-notch weapon, after two days. Unlocks should even be harder, but ignore me rez :)