Wilds Homepage Redesign

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated by J4sh1n 4 years ago 25

I'm not a web-designer, but I personally think that the wilds homepage looks sub-par. It needs a better color pallet, and perhaps a better layout. A lot of other .io games even though they're not as good as wilds, look a lot better. They're cleaner, brighter, and simpler, they also also often have cool animated text.

I have a few ideas, but I need to learn how to use Photoshop first. If anything the background color should be changed.


Remember in the old Wilds, when there was gameplay footage in the background? I've seen that in other games, and I think we should bring that back.

the old wilds was amazing...

you can still see it. :)



This post have been haunting me for a while. I don't want to look sub-par compared to other games. This is upcoming layout with three major changes

1) Quests, obviously
2) Focus on a new player experience - exposed PLAY and LOGIN buttons - after you click play you will get another screen where you can select map - again FORT will be exposed so new players know what to click.
3) Pixelart elements to make it feel more like a game not a website.

Quests are giving too much gold - killing 4 opponents is easy.

It's just a fluff text - the quests are not balanced yet.

And where is the exclusive quest to kill me? xD

Rez said he won't add boss fights in this game, so what's wrong?

100.000 gold for who kill Rezak xD

Once I killed him in my life. ONCE. Of course, I had to run as fast as I can, because Rezak was blind to everyone around him except me. xD


oh thank god ur changing it. Also get your spelling checked, because lose isn't spelled with two o's


I 100% agree that the menu should be improved .....

i also want the sounds back lol they r nostalgic

and the background gameplay gif

So much better Rez and much more orderly

When we click on play we get a message asking you what mod do you want to play true?

Yes exactly. You get a list of the games to pick.


Looks awesome! Though it would be pretty cool to have the gameplay gif in the background. I really miss that...


What i say is that replace "quick game" and football with the play button, which would make the game selection menu pop up, put all the reddit, discord, and facebook things on the side, put recruit and gold on top, replace "smithing" and unlock zerk with the quest thing, replace the zerk sprite next to grunt with login, put the changelog on the bottom again, get rid of the flag things at the bottom, and take out the "custom client" thing. also put the old pixel font back


Also put back the wilds logo on the bottom of the loading screen idk