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Wilds.io Needs new players. Here's how...

fonky(aguy) 4 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 4 years ago 13


ALthough the game is important, rezoner should also develop his player base. This can be done through

1. Youtuber playthrough

2. Ads (Not good)

This allows for an overall better experience for all players. This also increases Rezoner's ad revenue

I love wilds.io, and I'm sure if your on these forums, you probably have played for some time, or have some sort of attachment to the game.

The one fatal flaw I see right now is the lack of new players.

The player base seems to have stagnated, with around 50-130 players on at any given time, concentrated mostly in ruins. Game modes like CTF, Football, and Arena have become populated with bots... Not very fun nor welcoming.


1. It is possible to gain a huge influx of players through a successful youtube video. While developing the game is important for PLAYER RETENTION, it is also important to develop a player base. Try to get even a relatively popular youtuber to play wildsio once, this will give wildsio a huge player boost. The game's mechanics should retain some of the players, thus growing the community. I have not done this ever myself, but I believe a nice email to the youtuber may entice them to try wildsio.

2. It is also possible (much harder) to gain new users through advertisements, however this is costly and expensive. Not recommended.


If the community grows, player retention grows, new ideas surface, more ad revenue comes.

It will also fix up the dreary state of many gamemodes, improving the overall quality of play.

The community is currently supported by a few core members, more must join as people are bound to move on eventually.


I've heard of existing players leaving, because of the "n00b server." If you aren't as successful as the longtime players, you will be put in a different server, which causes extreme boredom. Just a thought.

Under review

Let's players

Heh, yeah no significant youtuber has played it for ages - so it's surprising that the game is still alive on it's own :) Really I can't emphasize enough what kind of boost comes from a popular youtuber playing a game. Especially that it is a browser-based game so press will not touch it - until it's so popular that it doesn't even need good press anymore :)

I believe that If we can get one popular youtuber play it the others will too because they don't want to fall behind their competition.

Our own traffic

The game is getting around 15.000 players daily - half of that are new players - the thing is not enough of the new players stay with us. I have tried to change that by adding noob servers, tutorial, training room but it doesn't do the job - if I were able to know what makes it frustrating for the new players we could improve on that - maybe you could ask them in game somehow and report here what you found out?


I have been running ads on facebook and reddit - but according to analytics players that come from ads play no more than 2 minutes on average. It's around 5$ for 200 new visitis.


Have you tried to propose yourself to letsplayers directly?
I must say, I discovered your game in the most random way possible, browsing patreon channels, which isn't common at all. It's kinda difficult getting to know this game, maybe you should 1-advertize yourself more with flashier videos 2-reach out popular channels asking for opinions.

I'm gona ask blitzkriegsler to play it again

Exactly I came from Blitz

i think training and tutorial doesnt reallly bring players...i think its boring and i think they do too...but idk maybe they do?

i asked some players what the biggest problem was and they said lag

If a popular youtuber plays this game, the players will naturally gain knowledge of the mechanics, thus allowing them to truly experience the heart of Wilds.io

I truly believe that in order to become more poplar, you have to reach out to lets players on youtube.

Rez, you should make a dev announcement or something for people to go to istealth's youtube or xPlode or something the io game lets players and if people comment on their videos "play wilds.io" theyll make a video and more players will join.

I dont fully agree...i think it is having new players and i have proofs of it...yes i think it does need to have more players and develop this game faster through the world ...although for so many games out there this is going really nice for now..

I met this game for that youtuber.

Hello Rezoner, Rekt442, Lava Hyperion and I have drafted a list of youtubers that we intend to contact on our own. Most of them have made videos about us in the past, and I think that if we ask them, they will gladly re-review the game. They will most likely be surprised by how much the game has changed. We can try to ask a couple big youtubers, which might be harder to do, or small youtubers. Which do you want? Thank you, Bigness.

Thanks guys, let's wait a couple more days when the tribes are ready as I hope it's constructed in a way that will make letsplayers have a tribe and stream it