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The ability to create gang in renegades team

Egzekutor 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 21

Hi all, when I played in the team renegades from time to time other renegade combined forces with me and together we fought against the rest.

The problem however, makes the fact that they both could get hurt fighting with others.

And here I present my idea:

It would be nice to have the opportunity to create a small gang while playing in the team of renegades. The gang should not be too large, I think that up in a gang can be 3-5 players. To gang can join just another renegade, so if a friend or another player wants to join must first join the renegades team. After joining the gang, they are unable to hurt other members, but still other players and the rest of the renegades are enemies.

To add or throw someone out of the gang is are several ways:

The first idea is to add a possibility to enter commands in the chat, for example: "Invite Egzekutor", "kick Egzekutor", "leave gang".

If the invitation is sent, the other person have small window pops up with a choice of joining or reject the proposal. it should appear on the side so as not to obscure the battlefield. the invitation of one person should also have a cooldown that a person could not spam invitations to another person.

Second idea is to possibility of inviting and accepting invitations in menu only after death. However, it is less convenient way in my opinion.

Write what you think about it and do not forget thumb up if you like this idea :)

Regards, Egzekutor

Sorry i dont understand what renegades mean...


Renegades is the name of non team players in black outfit :)

Maybe do / before commands

Exactly this i mean.

Definitely a good idea! I would love this implemented!

No offense, I don't think it's a good idea. The whole point of renegades is to trust no one, fight everyone. But having a gang is basically a team(brown,silver). Just join the same team with your friends in the server.

No problem I respect every opinion.

I meant that in a group of renegades you can choose who want to join forces against one another, and in the team silver or bronze always have additional allies. This lets you try your hand in the fight against all with one or more friends :)

What if when a gang is formed they can choose a emblem they can put somewhere on their avatar, so if too many gangs are formed it doesn't get confusing.

Probably soon Rezoner will add the ability to creating the guild, and it is possible that there will be able to choose something similar.

I think that this will not be a problem because friends are only members of the gang. The rest of the players will be hostile, even other gangs :]

The important thing is to not make this too similar to guilds, but it would be cool to have a friends-only team.

Finally! I was going to make this post but I guess Egzy beat me to it.

Bro, you can submit your ideas here if you have something interesting on the subject. This will help Rezoner and others in the possible streamlining and perhaps the addition of the possibility of creating gang ;)


I think this idea have good answer from community and now with tribes players can make gangs not only with random players but also with teammates from tribe. This can be good cooperation. (also it's fun when few black guys fight in one team vs all others :p)

Under review

At the moment I have to decline, it's not as simple change as you think and I have less meta things on the schedule, sorry.

Why Under review status, if you have to decline? :D


"At the moment I have to decline" - Maybe in another universe Rez add this xD

No problem, i understand. This is only idea. Instead of this you can add more small but also very good things like this new hairs and beards etc.

It's sad for me i not know good javascript bcus i can't help you with this stuff xD