Spear fix

Brai 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 16

well the same as the old claws, the spear need a fix, not more damage or speed

The only problem of the spear uts the charged attack, you can conect that but it wont hit incoming weapons and you cant roll or shield while using the charged attack

I am sure just being able to cancel the charged attack with shield/roll/kick/special would make people love it, maybe even hit normal attacks

Hope you like the idea rez


charge attack needs more speed i think.  the throw is also weird.  upping the reg hit damage will help too


The hitbox of the throw should be like knife, rest is ok

needs more damage and a faster launge. i play spear :P

also the reg throw will still be better even if the hit box changed


If the spear really does need this many fixes, then we might as well just scrap it. I think the spear is fine the way it is now, and has great potential in the right hands.

Compared to hammer, it is useless.

Well that's your opinion, then, and that's totally fine!

its not many fix ._. its just making the damn spear same as all other weapons.

no it is useless

Wait, why is this a bad post?

good question

some people actually think the spear is good.  His idea of how to fix the spear is also not the best.

maybe you could make the spears special knock them down, but no damage like small splash

If only there were more game mechanics into weapons, players, environments, etc. that Rez could implement..

We could start having innovation e.g. item passives .-.


When you do a charge attack with any weapon you can shield/kick/roll/special and  it will cancel it, i just asked for it to be possible for spear, nothing too weird...