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Ok, so just recently i watched the hunger games movie, and i am a great fan. then i stumble across an old bumped post, recommending a hunger games mode. many people did not under stand the concept, so i decided to make this post to explain things better. if a mode like it were added, it would not need to be called hunger games mode, maybe last man standing or survival. it would probably have to be a joined server game, so all servers would simply join into one arena, so as to avoid too longer waits. mainly because this mode would involve many players.

so first things first, in the actual hunger games, there were 24 in the arena, but perhaps size that down to 12. all players would start with no weapons at all, using only there fists in combat, in addition, to make weapons absolutely essential, if a player is hit by a punch, he would only actually loose health if his stamina was fully drained, each punch would drain 1/6 of a players stamina. players would also gain stamina half as fast as usual in this game mode. the game would start with a count down, all the players would be standing on an item release plate, only the item release plate would only be for looks, it would not emit items. the starting points would be set up in a wide ring, at the center, would lie a pile of weapons and equipment which i will describe soon, when the timer is up, the blood bath begins.

the pile at the center, would contain a many different items, including weapons a player could equip. if a player stands on top of a weapon, and presses "F", he would pick that weapon up, players could not throw weapons in this game, and in stead place there weapon back down by pressing "F". spear is the exception to this rule, which appears on the ground where it landed. the spear could then only be picked up by the player who threw it, until 30 seconds has passed without the owner doing so. on the ground, there would also be some bags, players could also pick them up using "F". a player would hold a max of 1 bag at a time (no sprite change). a bag would increase the players carrying slots by 4, and would contain some starting equipment.

there would also be some bonus items at the center, just the usual daggers, bombs and potions etc. so going into stats a bit closer:

(skip this if you just want the general concept)

6 bags

each containing 4 of the following random items:

1. a dagger

2. a healing kit

3. a piece of wood

4. a stamina potion

5. a few rations

6. a rope

7. a flask of water

8. a camouflage potion

9. a flint

10. a hunters trap

12 random items, made up of the above

all stored in boxes/crates

3 swords

1 spear

2 bows

2 axes

1 hammer

1 claws (if possible, in the skin of 2 daggers?)

i shall now tell you more about the items you will find in game:

1. dagger = no changes

2. healing kit = works like potion, but heals half as much health

3. just normal wood (proves essential in this mode)

4. a normal stamina potion

5. heals health like healing kit if used beside camp fire, also regenerates all lost hunger

6. use beside a cliff of tree, throws rope a the top, before pulling you up after

7. regenerates all lost water, and can be refilled and used again

8. makes you invisible if you stay still

9. lights a campfire once it has wood on it, can be used again

10. drop it on the ground anything stepping on it takes damage and is stunned

items which can be re used, can be thrown away by holding down the button

the map is relatively large, 25% larger than the basic game arena. it starts in the middle, the map has all the usual things, but tends to be a more wild based game, so no man made structures, every once and a while, an item will drop from the sky onto a random place on the map. there are campfires set up on the map, but they nee wood, and a flint to use. players can use the bows fire ability to light the fire instead. trees can be cut down, but take x4 the usual time to do so. if a player uses a rope on a tree, they can sit in there until the click anything at which point they jump out, or if the tree was cut down. while healing by a fire, a player does not heal. instead he heals only when he eats food, like in wanderers.io. food can be collected by killing small animals on the map, which resemble some kind of rodent. the food from them would be rations (the same item). there would also be puddles on the map. a player would re gen there thirst, by standing in them.

if the players hunger, or thirst bars are down, they begin to stop regenerating stamina, and very slowly loosing it instead, if they have no stamina left, they gradually take damage after that. the game has no teams, every one is wearing black. the last player alive wins the game. if a player leaves, he does not turn into a bot, but simply dies on the spot. there are no healing orbs in the game, if a player dies however, they release all there items, plus there weapon. i hope i didnt miss anything, please tell me if i did, and i will answer your questions. thanks for reading (if you did)

- Dragolich, souron in game


Nice,time to butcher ppl.But if ya seen the movie,they barely ate anything,so would it be like last man standing,pure fight and all?Or survival traits should be added?

in real life, you don't really need to eat that much unless you are doing lots of physical activities. so maybe the food bar should hardly go down at all, unless you are using some of your stamina.

I mean we did have a gamemode which kinda tried to represent the hunger game concept (Not really), which was the graveyard mode, but really it didn't get some attention most of the time and love, so it was removed.

But +1 for effort and good execution.


I rather disliked the Hunger Games books and even more so the movies

But this is goddamn brilliant

I didn't read anything but the title

This would be PRETTTTY hard to implement my dude.

i will rather be on graveyard map with other 9 people while the space gets smaller until the last person dies and only one stays alive, grevayard mistake was one team gets bigger while the other gets smaller and with no posivility of win as a team, if you eliminate teams and the place gets smaller, idk if you add items far from the last place were the circle gets small enough for 2 people to fight but that mode would be 100 times better