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Last year, we had this pretty neat update where we would find Easter eggs and have little chicks follow us and heal us. Will that update be coming back this year? And if so, will there be any changes big or small?

I like it, think it should be slightly different this time.

Some ideas: (They might be very similar to last time)

  1. Have an easter egg around the map that gives you bones/coins
  2. Have a five minute period in the middle of fort where everyone looks for easter eggs; the one who has the most by the end gets 50 bones/100 coins
  3. SORTA like other games, (this is kinda complicated) make easter eggs very rare, and once on the home menu, you can open them and it will give you bones/coins
  4. Adding a new temporary in-game item that is in the 1/2 section- Egg potion, makes you able to jump over anything for five seconds, pretty rare. (Anything you  can jump over with spear, not EVERYTHING)
  5. Adding a new temporary in-game item that is in the Q/E section- Egg bomb, makes you and everyone around you invisible for five seconds, pretty rare.

Feel free to change these, like the reminder Boat :D

If you find bones in an egg, you would scream.

If you find gold in an egg, you will think those are golden eggs from.the golgen gooze

The idea of getting a reward after 20 mins playing if you habe the most little chicks, seems good

We can add that to the ctf pile, the team with the most flags after 20 mins gets 50 bones but you cannot change color!

Tbh, all I want is just the chicks ;-;.

How about rabbits/bunnies?

Add for limited time rare mystery eggs dropped by bosses which gives ya permanent skins, weapons or voice packs.Just so game gets more intense.

never heard of it, cuz I wasn't here last year, but sounds awesome. Good for being healed while running from a hoard of n00bz with 100+ bones.