Bot guards

Erb 6 years ago updated by WilderLord 6 years ago 5

SO, my idea is when the fort is neutral, neither brown or grey, there should be bots, guarding the fort. And to not make them that annoying, the bots will not re spawn when you kill them, at least until the fort is neutral again


then black team should be able to make it neutral

It should be harder to get in when the server is new; having bots is a good solution. The idea of black team being able to make the fort neutral would be really great. Right bow if you're on black team the fort isn't really a big part of gameplay, so +1

Fort mode needs a fix, right now if people dont get the " lets attack the fort" and there is someone to defend it, and even then ppl will just change teams if they lose if the bugs to enter wouldnt possible, people would taka fort as a serious advantage thus making fort the main thing.to.have in mind while playing, well after 2018 ends and egz can finally update fort (yeah, egz) the bots idea can be more like having staying bows that attacks nearby people 1 axe running around and 1 sword, after getting killed, they will respawn on a corner of the map, but this time 2 bows 2 hammer 1 sword and an axe, walking towards the fort, attacking anybody ( brown grey or black) closer but not going for.them if they get too far, that would be cool


When everyone's playing wilds.io:

Rezoner: *closes everyone's tabs*

Now there is not only bot guards, but when everyone logs back in, there is bots everywhere