I'm Done

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Rezoner, I think I've spent a lot of time on this game. I've met a lot of people, and some were nice and became well known friends. I then became and addict to the game as I met more people. I have wasted a lot of time on the game, and I think it's about time I move on. Basically, I want my account deleted. It's not that I have lost interest or anything. It's just that, as I said, I want to move on. So...

My account name is BILBOOO (just like my username for userecho).

So I guess this would be a goodbye...? I'll give you my conclusion of the game. Pros: solid gameplay, lots of players, enough gamemodes, things to do, good creators and developers. Cons: a bit laggy at random times (not much), some rude players, and a bit repetitive. The repetitiveness is just me being impatient for another update. 

I would like to thank people like spag, jashin, brai, zemus, corn, loam (none of you know who that is lol), legion, all of my fellow THEMK tribe members, saii, rezoner, and all of the developers. I would also like to thank all of you for liking my posts on userecho (115 stars YAY), and being a friend or helping out while I was playing in fort.

It's been a good run, guys, but old habits DIE HARD

Maybe i'll see you again one day!

P.S. Before I go away, I want one of you to tell me if it's possible to also delete my userecho account. Thank you. Bye. 



You can now delete your account using a button at the bottom of the settings menu.


Uhhhh my final words are "NyQuil In Peace"

Under review

It's always hard to lose old players. Thank you for playing for so long.

Check back in a couple of days - I will add ability to remove account in settings.

It was a good time having you close man, good times, i jope your next bad thing is something cool and not Nyquil based, take care






I can't believe that you're gone...

Then again...

Everyone has to go I guess... Just you wait

I take pride in creating that legend...


haha he thank me first git <o/ on



These kind of posts don't help the game to grow up... If you need to leave, ok leave, say bye to your friends in discord or facebook but not here. I think this post deserves to be deleted and similar posts too.

Have you seen half the posts that we do in ehre

And Boat was also a very likeable man, it's good that we know he's leaving

Not good...


I quit discord....

Also, this was the easiest way to let rezoner know.

Just think of the topic like an "add a DELETE ACCOUNT button" idea.

I agree but not with someone like bilbooo. he is a true legend, right up there with the greats like seva and neom. alan partridge (neom) was the ONLY forum poster funnier than bilbooo.

I am a true legend too right



Oh dear

only cuz u made me <3

And, no need to delete your account. I'm pretty sure you will back someday! And deleting your account will make you lose everything!


if he doesnt delete his account the temptation would be too great

As I said, if he needs to leave, ok! But this post is not good for the game.


If I don't delete my account, I'll just come back and spend more and more hours on the game. Think of it like a cigarette; if you don't quit then and there, you'll just come back and keep on smoking.

omg I cant agree more. except instead of deleting my account I just made accounts that should help contribute to my well being though. I started doing a bunch of productive things, with the occasional checking back on this forum to check if bilboooo had posted anything. its actually kind of sad how many people (including me) have wasted so much time on such a small, insignificant, stupid game everyday convincing themselves that spending hours on the keyboard texting pretty much fake nonexistent weabu cringelords on discord is a good use of our time, because "wilds is family, amirite?" no its not and every second spent here is a waste. the way I use to justify it all was that I was learning how to make some forms of "art" and learning how to code. but the hard truth was that none of what I did ever helped me. most of the time spent "learning" or "contributing" was simply me procrastinating things I really should be doing instead. if I wanted to learn how to code, I should have went to grind on xcode and the 50$ book I bought months ago and never used. if I wanted to learn how to make graphics, I should have just bought my adobe subscription and tutorial, and got to it. except I continued to make shitty pieces of vector graphics using mediocre software like gimp or inkscape, which barely even worked on my mac anyway. a lot of the community here feels like they found somewhere they belong, and theres no way to deny that a majority of the people here have no friends irl. that's not the end of the world, as long as you make an effort to try and be a decent person and not a cringey weirdo, but unfortunately games like this prevent you from doing that. like not even kidding for the first time in 2 years I actually am in a friend group where I like pretty much everyone in it. my grades also shot up, ive finally learning swift, and I'm learning a bunch of new things like solidworks and after effects. I hope you also get a great experience by quitting games like this, and good luck :)

it’s depends what are you doing in games. You can learn so much from others even in game. At the end you are still connected with other people. You are talking with them, and it’s only up to you what you are doing during this time - spending time only for playing and nothing more is kind of relaxation, but you can always learn something new, only if you change your view point. Everything is what you are taking to yourself, and how you are sorting informations...

One person can playing and talking about cringe stuff, and another can playing and learning different stuff about different things and people.

You know what, I also used to tell myself this. I also thought that learning how to code by datamining wilds was a good way to learn. And its easy to tell myself that when the game is so fun to play, and its so easy to get involved in the community. But it was only a matter of time until I realized that learning code through wilds was a total waste of time. i have been at least 3x more efficient by learning js through legitimate sources, because there is no limitation on what I can make and how I make it. Every single thing you can learn through wilds – you can learn 10x better somewhere else. Pixel art – hundreds of online sources – and the best place to submit creations is not rezoner… as much as it benefits him… but through other people who do similar things, outlets like behance or devianart. Or better yet, a friend. Besides, pixel art is practically useless outside making games, and the game industry itself is going to be overflowed in the futre as the generation that played games enter the workforce. As for social skills or a different language – toxic communities like wilds or others is the exact thing you DON’T want to do. The way people talk on online communities is NOT like what people talk irl. Places is like these is for people that don’t get regular opportunities to talk to real people in life, so they try to be overconfident here instead, and places like these only makes their social skills worse and their personalities dislikeable.

There is no justification for spending time on games like wilds.io. maybe some other game to play with real people you know, but there is always a better alternative to a game like wilds. Every single second I spent on this game I regret, no matter how much I like people like bilbooo or seva or harmbe or the others. 

sorry about strange font, wrote this in different application. also don't know how to change color or text back.

You don’t get me.

And this is reason why my point of view is much more deeper than most people expect. There is nothing about playing games, learning with them programming, drawing or something else. As you said there is much more ways to learn such stuff faster and better. In my example, i was playing games because i just like it, but i never used it as bigger source of knowledge. Of course you can learn something especially if you want it, and you have good contacts. But there is something else. Something what people don’t see. Playing in simple game, and talking with people even on internet is basically the same as in real life. Why? Because everyone on other side of computer/phone is also a human. In the internet you have only more time for answer, kind of anonymity and you are not connected with other people with simple gestures etc. But basically everything is still the same. If you are smart enough, you can learn really much about others people behavior, personal thoughts, view point and much more. Just human psychology. You can use it also for your own profit.

 For real, people is acting on the internet almost the same as in real life. You can see it in simple messages. What i want show to you is not a normal internet as everyone see everyday. I want show you what is under everything. I learned so much about people talking with them. On the internet people is more open. You can get more informations, which you can use later in normal life. But as i said before, it depends what are you looking for in the internet. For someone it’s only place where you can troll as anonymous user. For me it’s a place where i can improving myself during free time, simply talking with other people about everything. And also place where you can just relax sometimes. Real life was always 1st for me. I love improving myself eveywhere and everytime. And if you want be the best, you must trying all sources. But probably most of the people is not gonna get what i mean... i hope at least you got it

I can’t show you my point of view in simple comment cuz it’s more complicated and deeper than you think. If you really want learn something write to me on pm.

Ok well I get your view now, I guess. but for me, personally, I still believe I can get nothing out of wilds, just because I probably have a different set of goals/standards than you. I personally am not really interested in learning about other people, unless it relates directly to my life, and would rather spend that time talking to a real person, which I find is much easier. I think its just my opinion that talking to people over a phone or face to face is just much easier than over text, which can get really slow. 

ive also learned from my mistake to try not to hide behind an anonymous image (yeah I know I'm doing it right now)

I definitely agree that the impact of these kinds of communities depends on what you make of them. the only problem for me (and probably bilbooo) is that it just isn't the right way to do "good" things for us. 


this is a pretty good description of games in general. i feel happy for you m8, i'm glad to see things are going well. enjoy your life and make the most of what you have. oh, i' saying this to u spagett, not bilboo. just to avoid confusion.

should be both :)

By saying this, Mom means no offense to Rezoner

It's not really Rez's fault :P

even though I have 0 respect for game making in general, when theres that much money in it I don't blame rezoner

Good luck and thanks for playing. I am pretty sure, we can meet again in the future :)

long time no see egg XD

...Well, if that's want you really want...

Thanks for being a part of the game and the community, and bringing all the good times.

Hopefully, you could check back in the game or the forums from time to time. Going to miss seeing you.

Farewell, BILBOOO.

See you on the other side of "life"... ;'(

hey im in there lol

cya later my dude

God damn... i should know it, you are still around this forum :p


It's been good having you around bilbooo

Theres alot of accounts i need to delete.



Are you leaving

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

P.S. Loam was kinda weird...

u seem to have forgotten that u are my alt

You can't leave! you haven't gotten more bones then Brai!

thank god, hell turn into a 20 year old prune quicker than waste that much time on wilds. gg bilbooo made the right decisionbefore it was too late

See ya around bilboo... or mahybe not anyway it was great knowing you

Good luck bilboo... it was nice having you in THEMK :')


I'm not in the thank-you paragraph, automatic dislike lol. (Don't take this seriously)

But like whatever rofl.

Cya Bilbooo the Nyquil.

Don't really know what else to say but hope you made choices that you know you won't regret :^) Because life is full of them, amirite?

I wonder how many other people are leaving the game every time I check this forum. :l

yes resting in peperoni, Nyquil bilboo 2017-2018 praise the lord. pray to god venet and sheepie quit after this amen

also I remember who loam is. I had like 5 messages with him. hes got mental issues.

oh and I remember that training camp music party. that was a great road trip for me. fun

i'm sad to see you leave Bilbooo. lets just forget the time you killed me when i had low health and u made the excuse that u were just trying to kill that Bot. u will be greatly missed. also have a good life and be sure to not get addicted to any new games. limit your computer time and try have a good life. good luck -SOURON

and what a way to go. I hope he still checks back on userecho for posts, even though the forum is almost as bad as the wanderers forum. I liked bilboo so much, I cant stop posting on this thread :(

Same , same...but when i did my post and told the truth about the game..i got ranted on..

i still have somewhat hope..i hop on here and there to see if something changed..but it never does..

and it lags incredibly ..i have gotten great internet speed , and a godlike computer..and still nothing to a game like wilds.io XDD

i mostly play fortnite , paladins and some other weeb games.

i'm most likely gonna get ranted on again for saying that wilds.io is dying..

but you have to admit to the truth.

peace bilbo!




He mentioned me...he mentioned me after I've been gone for so long. Goodbye Bilbo(oooooooooooooooo) I'll miss ya :(



You can now delete your account using a button at the bottom of the settings menu.

(ಥ‸ಥ) It has been done...


T-T...Legitimately I can't even express proper feelings about anythings....

All you need is some ice cream and Jesus.