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Add: Jumping Kick

Sir Brutal 7 years ago updated by Leap 7 years ago 19

Have it so that right after jumping if you kick, you'll do a jumping front kick which has the ability to knock people backwards a distance. And if you run while doing it you'll do a flying front kick.

Perhaps if your opponent blocks they will be knocked done, but won't sustain damage.

What do you guys think? :)

Posted: 1/31/2017


if enemy block it you should be knock down and damge 1 or 2 points but if you kick him he should dmg 3 points and knock down


I love bruce lee. I love too this idea. I am not sure about knock down while blocking. This can be overpowered sometimes.

True, I probably should have left that out.

yeaaah kick ninjaa

I don't think barbarians know karate, but cool, another thing to spice up our combat mix.

I didn't know that they could use magic either, but apparently they did ;)


Funny info: this is kick from kung-fu, Bruce never train karate :D


Didnt i post this idea recently?called kick!you stole my idea!


I honestly didn't even read that post of yours before. But I posted my jump+kick idea over a week ago, except I didn't title the post properly, it just said "new move", and I didn't include a picture.

When did you post yours? Stupid posts don't have time stamps!!

My original: http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/1928-new-moves/

Your's: http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2039-kick/

The post underneath yours was two days ago, so if that's the case then my original idea came before yours.


+1 Perhaps it could knock back the target and make both the target and the user fall, as demonstrated below:


And/or if you miss you'd fall on your ass.

Jumping kick counter attack :DDD

face kick front deals

That's a head kick, but lol

True Thaths A Head Kick


Honestly, something needs to be added to make the kick a legitimate move. As of right now, the only thing it does is dodge roll, which can already be countered by a kick. It leaves you open for way to long to be of any real use in combat. Adding this might make the jump something more useable.

Using kick you can also disarm your enemy :)

Fonky(aguy) It's funny, because I actually thought up the idea because of how little people use jump. Although now jumping is used more in order to jump down from cliffs.

Egzekutor, yeah I use it all the time on noobs. lol

Under review

I am not adding it until you come up with what's special about flying kick. Otherwise it's just another normal attack.