Flying kick/ kick while jumping the continue

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hello again, i've been discusding about what can be done with this idea for a while now, its hard to balance but here is the idea:

The kick makes more damage than a normal kick:

Image 2951

Kickig other kicks would cancel both either jumping or not:

Image 2952

You can roll down the kick

Image 2955

Well i thought that hitting anything (except walls) would make you have balance enough to not fall now this is the more complicated part, the shield

It would be weird if you get stunned mid air soo this are the posibilites:

 1th: Nothing happends you just bounce off

Image 2956

2nd you fall and get fall damage

Image 2957

3rd: you make the shield fall (shield bash wont fall and you fall instead):

Image 2958

And last one is both fighters fall:

Image 2960

Well i just want to give this idea a try, it can make the game much more fun specially if 2 fighters do a jump kick and dash in the spikes then they scream like liu kang while dying. 

Let me know which one is better for a balanced gameplay, this is basically the old kick were if you fail, you fall but now with a lot of range and more posibilities

Jeez... I am definitely too lazy to do all that work +1


Who is Liu Kang?

How much extra damage will the flying kick do?

And if it does 2 damage, I say you fall and take fall damage (which wasn’t a question, I know)

Too lazy to look for the answer? Mk character, fan fav bruce lee clone, high pitch Kombat screams "WHAAAAHH!"

https://wilds.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/2052-add-jumping-kick rez said here

idk what he mean with special but maybe stamina drain and special effect if done with dash can make it more special

Interesting idea, and yeah it would just be a normal attack, but an interesting one. The only thing is that I don't think wilds needs all more attacks. But if we do need another attack, this would be a good one to implement. But rolling should go under it just like if it's a jump. When it hits someone with their shield up, the person kicking should be knocked down, and damaged a little, but not stunned, and the person with shield should be fine.

The idea is roll goes down the jump kick

Soo you like option n°2 hehe cool 

I am unbs on the options cause i like them enogh to think about maybe it depends on what weapon you have

Runners will love this

I think hunters will like them better

I think that option #2 where the player falls and gets fall damage would be best. Ferret might be right - combat in wilds is pretty good right now. We probably don't need extra moves. But this idea would be pretty cool to have. Maybe this jump kick could replace the spear special for a kinda pole-vault-kick thingy to make the special more balanced.

Omg best bow rnner noob defense EVER +1111

Defence for the noobs?

no! YOU kill THEM with it -_-