Weird ogre spawning

Apollo The Great 6 years ago updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 6 years ago 17

So there is like a lot of ogres spawning here currently in US server. Why is this here? Is this a glitch?

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It’s not a glitch. I spawned them :p Rare event, but if you are lucky, you can found me or Rezoner in game spawning things. 

Why do you toy with Rez powers?They were given to ya' with responsibility.

So making some fun for the players is something wrong? Well i didn’t expected such reaction tbh... Of course with such power is coming also responsibility, and you can be sure, Rez is not giving such access to everyone. This should prove you, i am responsible person at the end...

It's good,even amazing to have such abilities for fun and I didn't say you were irresponsible.I'm just sayin'.

bitch pls

do not be a bore

Who asked ya something?!

you left your shitty opinion


It's not "toying" anyways. Rez used to do this, and egze does it all the time. It makes games more fun, and if rez had a problem with it he would have stopped egz a long time ago.


Ikr,just chill and enjoy.


God old egz, he can create a lot of chaodñs but its just to entertain people in the server, things get a lot crazy and fun with 20 ogres 40 yetis and 300 goblins, ppl teamwork for a time  until all monsters are dead, but is not as hardcore as rezoner, he can change your weapon, clothes, gender ot race, givr tons of granades and potions of cloning and he can  do that in game too :p

I invite him to try to beat me.

you would probably disappear and in your place would be a goblin

Without mods.If he has guts(no offense).

Thatd weak, you should ask for a 1v1 with him using wizardy full power no kick or ban tho

Well any item he wants as much armor and hp.