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Bad translation, here's mine: 

Angel of Death/WAR: terrifying xddd

Kili: Keep laughing :)

Angel of Death/WAR: hohohohihihhuyhyyhy

Kili: Your parents will be ashamed - You'll see :)

Kili: You fucking bitch, you look like a retarded child and you're acting like some sly dog

Kili: I just downloaded your friends list right now, I will message all of them that you have robbed me motherfucker.

Angel of Death/WAR: xDDDDDDD

Kili: Trust me, you shouldn't be laughing

Angel of Death/WAR: You know, you're making me sad.

Angel of Death/WAR: Someone should take care of you.

Kili: Yeah.

Angel of Death/WAR: You are mental or just pretending.

Angel of Death/WAR I don't know why thought.

Kili: But, I have your data and access to 40k accounts.

Angel of Death/WAR: Nice.

Kili: You'll see...

I'd rather ignore one player instead of blocking the whole chat, cause I still want to communicate with some people there...

He's acting like a psycho everytime, met him like 3 times already, he's calling me (and only me for some reason - for being unable to kill me) names, acting like a little kid with some mental problems. Never stops. Last time he told me that he has found my facebook account (lol) and has got my photos (even bigger lol, it's not possible). I don't understand why people act like that.

I'm also Polish. The Developer of this game is Polish too. Don't be a jerk, this was just a one guy.

Nope, 360 kick is extremely unfair. People are spamming kick and using block, and they're pretty much invinsible anyway. No need to make this even more f*cked up.

What? There are some random ass players, and not me? :o I'm top3 ruins player, yo!

Messed up? Are you insane? When kick was not directional, it lead to situations where someone is running away from archer without paying much attention, just clicking rmb. This + block from time to time and people like this were almost impossible to kill. Now it's a little more fair.

How about Crusader/Templar sounds?
Sounds like "deus vult" when someone dies, or "our god is an awesome god" instead of "buuurrghh". "DIE HERETIC" sounds good too. Throw in some ideas.

I have a better ideaZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania stepping on a lego