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Extremist Polish Player?

Derpie 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 6 years ago 24

I rope-d min-d a Polish player for some KDR (Kill - Death - Ratio).

Of course this player tried to rope-bomb me and failed.

After many tries this Polish finally succeed, but after my respawn I've just rope-d-mine-d him and here's the result:

Image 2234

Does Rope-Mine tactic worth a REAL FIX?


It's just kids,  a filtered chat would solve or u would disable the chat

Under review

I really have to add the ignore option :|


yes you do rez lol

curse filter, Rez!

Yesterday I was target of two polish players, one of them was Kwintyliusz. Polish players full of toxic right now?


I had the "pleasure" to meet Kwintyliusz as well.
It's summer holidays in Poland, maybe that's why there are many salty kids all of sudden.

BAN ALL POLISH PLAYERS~! I'm willing to take one for the team!

I'm polish player, you are polish player, Rez is polish player, Egze, kanguror - It's not that everyone from Poland should be banned, but I agree some people have to get banned. Just for some time.

I'm a Polish player but I probably tip the scale towards the ban, haha

Actually it's an Irish flag, (Green, White, Orange). The orange looks a bit red in wilds.

Also even if it was Italy, it still doesn't mean that I am not from Poland. I happen to live in Ireland for the last decade and I prefer English so I rarely write in Polish. Also my grammar will probably want to claw your eyes out.

Image result for irish flag

Oh, sorry for mistake, I thought it's italy. And why you didn't told me you are from Poland? Oh wait, that's because you are disguised.


I'm disguised as an Irish man, but seriously.. no one ever asked. I only use polish when I'm raging and need to insult someone who is doing the invisibility glitch in arena and happens to be from Poland or if someone asks a question in Polish. 

Heh interesting ;p

I'm also Polish. The Developer of this game is Polish too. Don't be a jerk, this was just a one guy.

Dis bombastic bump.

Why the bump .-.


if you banned all polish players Marez, rezoner and egzekutor wouldn't be able to play lol. And please don't add a swear filter, this is more annoying then the swears themselves 

Me neither, we would all be free, finally!

Well crap. At least this ain't League of Legends.

I think we should have a enable/disable chat like this the talking corpses won't insult me again. xD

there is already an option in settings

As a matter of fact, yes I do see that. and that is NOT proper behavior. Talk about overkill, honestly.

"Allah will destroy france" ufff that took quite the turn there!