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This beautyfull drawing ♡♡

UgandianWarrior 7 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 7 years ago 58

Okay guys so my brother seal drew a beautyfull picture of me and assasin hax! ♡♡♡

So here it is:

Image 1842


Under review

Can you possibly take a photo with a proper camera or in a well lighten room so it's not so blurry and I can post it on fanpage? :)


0/10 No claws in this image... still 1+

Rezoner sure i can post it on a fan page ;3

And ukryty tell me what u wearing on wilds.io Seal is drawing u next ;333


axe and hood. My last moments at this game was with axe like in old wilds.


ohhh, can I be drew next? I favor claws (no hat) and cape. (female)

Seal, you can draw. Don't be angry that Very Seal took the risk. I actually like this picture.

(though I admit that revealing some "personal information" is a little too far).


BTW, here is some inspiration:

Here's one :)

It's anime btw...


just searched up anime 

boy lookin like a boy


I'm gonna kill you for this,do you have any point that this is humiliating,I told you so not to do it,but you had to make idiot out of me and yourself,jeez forgive her guys,she didn't knew what she was doing,I'm embarassed in front of everyone.No offense,but you're dumbass for doing this behind my back.You're dead to me.


No reason to be angry. There is nothing humiliating about this - except the words you just said to Very Seal. You have made an attempt at art - sure it's not Van Gogh yet but it's still 100% more than any person in this thread who haven't even tried. 

To ease your stress here is what I've been drawing for my GF like 10 years ago - we have all been in this "embarrassing" state at some point (:

miczek by vacat


Besides, I heard somewhere that embarrassment is part of growing!!!


Even so, how do you progress in life without taking risks?


So I can make a single topic with photo of my brother drawing? This could be reeeeally embarrasing XD

suck it up  :)

We'll buy it ;)


That's not the point Rez,the point is that she just posted that behind my back without my permission,and I said to her not to post such things before,and now I'm the bad guy,jeez.


mojej Sylusi :*

Nie wiedziałem że on miał żonę

(I didn't knew he got wife)

Translate of Dziewczynka's post: To my Sylusia

I didn't know that he has a wife*

Pisałem że on miał a nie ma. Chociaż cholera wie, może masz rację, że on ma. :P

A, i "knew" i "didn't" jest w czasie przeszłym a ty wymieszałaś przeszły z teraźniejszym wpisując "didn't know". Reszta się zgadza.

Nie, to Ty się mylisz. Didn't jest w czasie przeszłym, więc to wystarczy.

did you have to bump this?


I'm screwed now because of your childish act,you dumbass.


Would you relax, this is the internet. Its not like any of this even matters. All of us will rot 6 feet underground someday. The drawing isn't bad, though it would be better with some colour and a better camera.

After watching this, the last thing you will feel is embarrassment.



yo, don't be embarrassed. its a nice picture. and you should be proud of it :)


How aren't you ashamed now,this has gone too far.


You sell Very Seal to arabs?


hey i actually really like it

Even if they didn't, they probably have a soul.

So... The cute seal is a girl IRL, and the angry/about to die one is a boy IRL, lul so much information in this post.

lol, yeah, don't be ashamed seal, the picture is really good. The yeti and sandworm are really good, and the ogre is just plain bad-ass standing off to the side there. The human faces are also well done. Lay off of Very Seal a bit, okay?

She did this even though I told her not to.Why doesn't she listens to me?

If this is your Sis so you should know something like this can happend in any moment :D I think it's very good she posted it because it's first art with pencil about wilds which i saw. Btw it's looks nice :)


Cuz family xD

Heh as you can see everyone is happy, so you should be happy too ;p

Man just forget about this,just close the thread and end my suffering.


Uh i will ask seal if he can draw u ,but probably he wont he is maaaaaaaaaad ;-;

and i just wanted everyone to see how good Seal is at drawing ;__;

Spare me that sarcasm by the way.


Oh yeah, can I have a "Salty Salty" symbol on my cape (Like my profile picture?) ? It'll be really HILARIOUS!!!!

Come on man, everyone starts somewhere the drawing could use some improvements but it isn't that bad, it's not something shame worthy. Take it from a full time artist.



and just wow i didnt know that Rezoner drew a hamster dat good....

LMAO my hamster drawing looks like a cow m8



Im so lost right now