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Yea, if your connection was ok, enjoy digging currency with your PC :)

I recorded a proof -> 

Don't worry. Just go to Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open the HOSTS file with a notepad. Then add a line there ->
Then save it. And besides that, this script is working only when the site that uses it, is opened.

Malwarebytes was showing me that it blocked a connection to every single time I open Now I blocked it in HOSTS file.

This needs to be fixed.

Exactly. I'm playing with sound off, cause when it's on, my head would explode. Why is there no volume bar?

No, not with attack but with throwing some item on it. Sacrifice an item to disarm the drap. Seems fair.

This is EXTREMELY NECESSARY. People who run away from you, they can just click rmb without paying much attention, focusing on healing at all cost. It's so dumb. If block is directional, then kick should DEFINITELY be directional too, because someone can just run around without caring much, and keep kicking arrows/knives back. This + directional block in some situations and they're pretty much invincible.

Even though I'm the king everytime I join the game (sooner or later) I wouldn't like weapon like this, cause:

a) people would focus on me even more, more trouble is not fun at all, I prefer careful gamestyle, avoiding fights if it's possible for a simple reason: they would want this weapon too. Teaming up would be a huuuuuuuuuge problem. Even bigger than it is not.
b) It would be a much bigger problem to kill the leader for me, cause I don't like teaming up - it fucks up my attack rhytm, cause people from my team can throw enemy on the ground, and they won't get hit by my arrow.

Can someone tell what Browars is? Gimme a link.