New item: caltrop

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I was thinking of a new item, that acts like a trap. It is called the caltrop.

For those of you who don't know what that is: It is a weapon composed of sharp spines/nails.

Step on these, and they WILL do damage.

In game, these traps will not last long, only for a few seconds. They will do damage to opponent on impact, and can cause some knock back. Once opponent falls into trap, trap will automatically disappear. (the trap is visible, but hard to see)

I can imagine stepping on that one day.

So...Jacks, just as a weapon? I like this idea +1 from me, but why would the trap be fallen into shouldn't it act like the Spiky Balls from Terraria? (for those of you who don't know what that is just search up :"Terraria Spiky Balls"...just clear you're search history after or have fun explaining what that is to your parents.)

I am not familiar with Terraria (plz dont hate) and i'm gonna search that up because i have no care in the world anymore.

Okay i just looked and let google images do the talking. So.... i guess?

There should be a Wikipedia page on it. Google Images won't show you how they behave...and might give anyone looking at you're search history the wrong idea....

A way to make chasing cowards more annoying...

It can also make people chasing YOU get annoyed...

Yeah, that's kind of obvious, but I don't run.

The profesional running champion, Usain Bolt, approves this post ;)

looks like a ninja star +1

Post by bilbo +1


I'd rather have bear traps, but ok


Sure  i think bears traps can fit much more. Also players should have possibility of deactivate trap with attack or something like that.

yeah, that'd be cool. I think of the axe and the hammer special being able to do so

No, not with attack but with throwing some item on it. Sacrifice an item to disarm the drap. Seems fair.

Sh*t fell on my keys.

Make it so that you can actually jump over the caltrop, because i think that would make more sense.

Anyways, i like the idea; it seems more diverse than other items in the game. +1

nice idea mate! this can be used for the ninja character special


(Uuhh Im sad to inform you that there will be no ninja characters the idea was from more that 1 year ago and it died since now we switch weapons instead of characters)


You are hella fast in noticing anything.

What's insult for?I noticed it ages ago.


Good idea


I have a better ideaZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania stepping on a lego

Even better.You are genius,putting legos on floor,even I could not come up with that good idea.+1

+1. Also, is this gonna be stackable or one full item, if not, its gonna be pretty awkward to just drop one caltrop ;-;

sounds like a vegetable, but the good kind +1