Александр Козырнов 7 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 7 years ago 7

due to the fact that fixed kick for the worse, it was a lot of spammers bows and mages.kick may not reflect almost anything!because its fixed,but spammers more and more.in the arena, almost no balance.there are a lot of cards that these "spammers" can run and shoot.

My point is that this change led to a huge failure

i think that right :3

Yea,kick is fcked up,so its bow.Im STILL waiting for it to be fixed like it was before.I made my thoughts on bow changes in rly old topic, here;https://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/3434-return-the-bow-stats-like-they-were-before/.Also ice staff needs buff,but reasonable and balanced because it is to easy to kill those toothfairies.So they can have at least some chance.



Atleast it's topic wise...

Yeah, people that only shoot and run suck. It also sucks that the kick is messed up.

Messed up? Are you insane? When kick was not directional, it lead to situations where someone is running away from archer without paying much attention, just clicking rmb. This + block from time to time and people like this were almost impossible to kill. Now it's a little more fair.