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As I said: IT WAS SOMETHING ELSE. I couldn't attack, arrows didn't fire. Same for special. Items from boxes didn't drop. People were running around confused what's going on and two of them joined me following the trapdoor, cause it was moving around fast. It was something MORE than just visual shit on my PC - I wasn't even lagging. The server was just acting like some shit haunted it. It had nothing to do with my bones, I just said I was playing for some time (as my points show) and it happened suddenly. When it happened a few players left - at least I think that they did.

Me and 2 people around in a sec? :>

I don't think so. It happened suddenly. As you can see, I was playing for a bit, with over 100 bones. Also - one or two players were running with me, following those doors, watching them flying around. More objects like that were showing in time.
How do I know they were following the doors? They were looking exactly in its way, stopping when it stopped - or just wandering around closely (I was doing that too, cause of curiosity).

Nope, people who are used to ranged combat are used to running from dangerous situations, and usually not ready for close encounters. Which leads to stupid shit like chasers constantly blocking/kicking and chasing you at the same time, while being faster too. This is absurd. It's good as it is now.
Point 3 seems fair though. 2nd one is extremely stupid, cause you have to use every opportunity to survive, and kicking enemy to slow him down is one of the best tactics.

>3. If your clone is killed, you lose 1/4 (or any other fraction) of your health. (only if it is killed by another character, not if it just disappears due to time limit)

Nope, it's a bad idea. Imagine running away from damage, using clone as a shield while having like 10% hp left. The enemy could hit a clone and you're dead, which is incredibly stupid. Clones should help, not cause possible trouble.

Stupid people lack imagination. Sheepie, you're my hero.

Could anyone record this? If you have geforce, you can use shadowplay to record games and browser too. I'd like to see Galactus doing that (or the bot). I've killed this guy many times, he was coming back and dying again, calling me noob and being extremely rude and toxic. His guild is acting weird too when I mentioned him, they got aggresive, saying he's good and all nice.

Nie, zrobiłeś błędy, które zmieniły sens niektórych zdań. "Disabled" zwykle oznacza kalekę, osobę niepełnosprawną. "Shy" znaczy "nieśmiały", więc nie pasuje do zdania ze wstydem rodziców. Tak samo zdanie "you make me sad" nie pasuje, bo to by oznaczało, że ta osoba jest powodem mojego smutku przez cały czas (albo regularnie), a nie w danym momencie. 

This was pretty disturbing, guy put an act like some kind of stalker D: Obviously, I know this is all bullshit, but damn, why are people doing this?

I'm actually a guy, this is just a nickname :V I don't even remember why did I made it like that, probably for the lulz.