Your comments

You can glitch out the map, if someone does that, doesn't mean that it's a bot. Give some screenshots or recordings, it's not clear.

Rezoner, if you're reading this - you should show your game to wykop community XD

MWSUP - throwing a shield that is coming back like a boomerang and can get through block, but you're stuck in place until it comes back xD

Bad idea. You have to work for it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Maybe a homing arrow instead? XD Blockable of course :V Makes sense since you guys want to add mage.

You can do one thing - look at your map and avoid groups. If you're staying next to one, then just blame yourself.
Also - how is your mistake a bug?

Yes, I agree. That's a huge problem, people are abusing this shit. Instead of fighting they keep on stunlocking you. Makes no sense.

Put it on steam! On steam!

He's so OP that he needs to keep you stunlocked, to avoid fighting.

Are you serious? If you expect something like this, maybe try TELLING that story, instead of just demanding.