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F O R U M   U S E R

Just lower the stamina cost to as it was before, and everything will be good.

Yea, sure, try surviving when you'll get to 1st place. To compare, yesterday I was able to do the Monster Kill, and now I can't even fight with multiple people due to stamina cost.

You killed the bow. The whole point of that weapon is to be MOBILE and RANGED. Melee using people are crying that bow users are running too much, but IT'S WHAT THEY DO. Bow is not a melee weapon, it's to be used in a distance, and without getting close - to not get hurt. It this continues, I'm gonna leave the game. And many other archers too I guess. Currently is absolutely destroyed, unusable. The old one needs to be brought back.

Guys, try this, worked for me

I think I've found a solution, will paste a screen of what I've wrote on discord ->

I'm asking "HOW?"

Bump, game is still not working.

Sorry, changed my mind. The "corpse" shouldn't be taking any damage - at least for some time.