Your comments

What did you do? :0

Did it yesterday and didn't work. Still doesn't.

It doesn't work for me. Do I need to do something?

How did you enter the game? O_O

Is there a fix for that?

Why? It's a good idea, it shouldn't be left dead.

Update: yesterday it happened again, and I was talking about it with one US player that saw that too. This time there was a tree following players very fast and killing them. Trapdoor was doing the same thing, but it was moving much slower than crazy tree.

Get good. I hope that helped (✌ ゚ ∀ ゚)☞

Happened to me only ONCE, and I'm playing this game since it came out. And yea - players left except two, they were following me, and the glitched models around, and talking about it.

Yes, it was pretty much the same ;V But it wasn't local, other people could see it too! At least two more of them. And my screen wasn't shaking.