fire nation atacked

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all the classes where in harmony then everything changed when the bownation attacked...

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Bows really need an big nerf.
sorry for the stupid meme I was bored


the bow is perfect

       Hey not fair!!! I'm a bow user! WHERE'S MY MEME?!?!?!?

        I think if we can think up a quiver mechanic, where bow users have limited arrows, bow will be perfect.

         The only problem I see with zee bow is the jerks who just run and try to get in lucky shots. And now that kick is screwed up, bow is over-powered.

a quiver would be cool, but we need to think how will it work


There you go, ferret

;_: The memes and furries are here...

did you just call me an furry ? It had to be a fire ferret could not find another picture :')

what about arena? Did you think of that? What happens if you run out of arrows and your fighting a experienced player thats using claws? 👎

What? There are some random ass players, and not me? :o I'm top3 ruins player, yo!


Wut is dis shitpost meme lmao

You know, some people actually use bow.

I love Avatar, but I just think that the bow's reload has to change a little, not a huge nerf.

The bows reload time is really annoying, its like three quarters of a second