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News powers? Paperboy class planned? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This probably happens when you switch tabs in browser (at least this happened to me, many, many times), the game thinks you're just moving your character, because you left it suddenly, probably while running. You can stop it by pressing the button of the direction that the character is moving, as Aleks said.

Yea, but you can go through walls by yourself too by kicking and rushing (double tap) in the same time.

Shit, I just noticed there is a gap in it the second screenshot XD Nevermind, I thought it's some unfixed glitch ;v

If that's true then I don't see any problems : O

I would not say so, since it's casual. If there would be +2 points for kill, then I'm ok with -5 for death.

Edit: I just noticed how dumb this idea is, because there could be players who kill until they're close to death they could close the tab to avoid penalty. Maybe there should be something like simple points counter? The one that adds all the points you gained. I don't know, it's all messed up when I think about it. Help.

Doesn't matter - do what you want, no matter what, it will be fair for everyone I guess. But personally I think -2 points for death is optimal.

I want my hammer back, geez ;_;

I'm sorry, I forgot about thing and I can't see the edit option: the stealth skill: dissappearing for 3 seconds while moving or 10 while standing still. I hope you get what I'm thinking of.