New Voice Packs!

C H A R I Z A R D 6 years ago updated by Shizuko 6 years ago 16

A couple of ideas for some new voice packs:

1. Caveman

2. Zombie

Just some ideas I thought would be cool.



Vrngh - uuuueeeehhh

Bue - uuuueeeehhh

Good job - uuuueeeehhh

No - uuuueeeehhh

Ok - uuuueeeehhh

Follow - uuuueeeehhh

Help - uuuueeeehhh

for the caveman too

Rez should ask you to help with the game


Vrngh - Ooogaaa!

Bue - Ooga

Good job - Ooga booga ooga

No - Boga

Ok - Ooka 

Follow - Booga ooga boooga

Help - Booooooooooooooooga!!!

we need a Ukryty voice pack

my suggestion is having Unga bunga instead of Bue

Yeah, I already have Audacity but I don't use it and don't know what I could get for making voice pack xD

Good idea. So cavemanish.

This is random, but we need more voices. +1

Yeah I agree, although they need to be somehow special (angry brai is a really manly man voice, Jacqueline is... ehh.. its ok too although most of taunts dont sound natural (Brai dont kill me for saying this ))

I was thinking Caveman's words could be really short and choppy, kind of grunty sounding, and Zombie's would be really long and drawn out.

This is exactly what we did with zagłoba in comments here XD

We need olso an orangutang voice pack - every emote will be replaced with "Oook! Oook!".

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Orangutan meme

seems cool.


How about Crusader/Templar sounds?
Sounds like "deus vult" when someone dies, or "our god is an awesome god" instead of "buuurrghh". "DIE HERETIC" sounds good too. Throw in some ideas.