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Yup! I just wanted to make a post about it, but you were first :D

Słodki Jezu z czekolady, proszę przywróć mocne ściany! :X

Can you record it with some soft and upload on youtube? I'd like to see how are these bots doing D: I guess you can spot them easily, but still. I don't think I've met one.

No, it's a bad idea. What do you mean by "the more you play"? Specify.

Świąteczne drzewka! Czas dodać bombki i światełka, choinki!

Nah, you can just find that hat in some boxes dropped by bears ;v These also change your weapon type.

Ok, as I said, I just got triggered too fast. Hey, Rezoner, could you remove that shitpost?

PS. Don't crucify me if I didn't pay attention to something in tutorial, this could be a throwing bot or something XD