Your comments

- pumpkin helmet
- little skulls instead of blue balls for mage
- weapons made of candy cane (xD)
- black cat pet following player instead of the crown (for the 1st place)
- little ghosts instead of goblins
- little bats flying off from players corpse (death animation)

Same here. I blocked this CoinHive in my hosts file thought.

Besides that CoinHive thingy - the game is not working.

You should ask people first if they want such alternative. Using other's PCs for digging is kinda dirty.

You don't know that. We should wait for his comment for the situation.

Bugs? The game doesn't work at all for now. And if it's working for you - the is using CoinHive script to dig cryptocurrency with your PC :)

What? I don't think he was using CoinHive before