Rope Bomb...Still not fixed

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Alright I made a post about this before and it's already been fixed...just not properly, not at all. There's still some person targeting me on purpose with a rope and a bomb, who tries that same combo, over, and over,and over, and over, and over. Do keep in mind this person also seems to have no life as it happens in every game he finds me in. And if he misses? He runs away and gets another rope. If he lands it? He runs away. Again I've mentioned this before, and thanks for at least trying to nerf it, but please try again Rez. Once again, the proposed solution is to not allow people to use 2 Q and E key weapons in quick succession, only increase it to 2-3 seconds, instead of the previously implemented 1 second.

Thanks for reading my post. And nameless person constantly hunting me? Seriously just stop. It's sad seeing someone waste this much time in multiple failed attempts to just annoy me, it isn't even working. So from one wilds.io player to another, please just stop. I'm trying to simply enjoy a game. 


Did Rezoner changed it to 1 second? bu... bu... BUT I CAN STILL USE 2 ITEMS AT THE SAME TIME!

Rezoner should've just made the cool-down timer only to rope and bomb.

I'ma put my reasons here...again. In wilds.io any combo that deals an unfair amount of damage gets nerfed (claws,wand, sword, grenade infinite range) Wand special and charge spam did 3/4's of the enemies health, and it got nerfed. This combo kills you if you don't have max health and a heal... AND IT SHOULDN'T GET NERFED? Don't be ridiculous.

True. So maybe delay for items should be only when you use rope? This should solve problem.


Lol noob

If the same person uses the same strat, get smart and block when he comes close or dash


You don't read either huh? The person reloads the game if he misses you idiot, changing his guest name between bilbo, gloin , or, Ballin,  and all those. If it was the same person it would he easy shit for brains. I've crushed you easily I'm game, so if I'm a noob, just how trash are you? Next time spend the extra 2 seconds it would take to just stop and think before making yourself look like a complete fool.


damn salty

Why don't you change your name, huh? And we are not here talking about me, Im tryin to help you

IF that guy runs away, you can chase after him. or how about BLOCKING


frekin salty you shouldnt play this game at all


I'm about to disprove all of your shit excuses.

1: name change.

That person has tried stealing my name before, claiming he had it first and I took it from him. Which wouldn't happen if he didn't change his name. Also I would have to build up all the credit the name "Legion" has.

2: Chase after him

You fucking idiot. Of course I chase after him. He's a runner and he knows I would win a fair fight. Would you stick around and lose? No.

3: blocking

People run past me in game all the time. Which fucking direction should I block then? All of them? No? Then shut up and think your response through this time.

Again he's tried stealing my name, changing my name would only make it easier for him to do that.

Oh and you're trying to help me? Well next time you try to help someone, don't start by calling them a noob. That immediately puts them on the defensive.

Legion... so... concentrated... that salt...TOXIC!


So you care about name credit, instead of enjoying the game?  You complain about rope bomb and you care about name credit?

When you chase after him, do you get him? You should. Show him whos boss, so he would stop bothering you

Block when isolated. I know that you cant block 360

And what do you mean by  "changing my name would only make it easier for him to do that" if you change your name then that person wouldnt know

Take a chill pill, i know u are not a noob. do u know what teasing is?

ur frekin salty about some io game, go get salty in league. being salty does not solve anything. are you trying to make me feel bad? not working. all i see is some low shit complaining.


...oh my god. I can enjoy the game with 1 person trying to ropen bomb me. It's not like he ruins the entire thing and makes it impossible for me to play. Besides he's a really good runner. If someone isn't good at fighting, they should at least be good at running so they can actually compete. And regardless of when I get him or not he tries it again. He's killed me before ( not a lot ) and I've killed him a ton. Finally no, I'm not salty over some "frekin .io game" so calm your shit.

Look I see the point you're trying to make and thanks for offering your solutions, but all of them have been tried.


Its not like everytime you play theres that annoying guy. this post makes it sound like that. and you do sound salty, with all that cursing. even ierfb(i eat rules for breaktfast) agrees

you are a great player, you shouldnt complain about some annoying strat. ok so the rope distance should be shorter. 


rope distance should be shorter. * 


The rope´s distance isn´t the damn problem ok, its actually how fast you can put these two items at play. 

If you think that theres a way to nerf Rope+bomb combo there is only one that will not affect gameplay for the weapons, let me tell you some of these ¨ways¨ people think that will be alright:

1) Removing bomb (yes im looking at you Brai): Removing this PRECIOUS item will be a SHOCK for people who main weapons that aren´t hammers as the hammer would be almost THE ONLY WAY to break the fort´s gate (the other one are the grenades but... they aren´t so effective).

2) Making block have a 360° radius: This change would almost ENTIRELY change the ranged weapons´s utility, Rezoner made block 180° to give ranged weapons a DAMN CHANCE against weapons like sword or claws, and reverting it might cause an EXTREME unbalance between weapons.

3) Nerfing rope distance: This change wouldn´t change SHIT, its not the range what makes the rope+bomb combo overpowered, its how fast they can get to use these two items together and THAT is what makes that combo overpowered.

4) Removing rope (my sarcastic idea): this is actually an item that does a BIG damage against the fort´s workers (the ones who repair the gates) as it can actually pull them to you and you can kill them before they start to repair the gates again.

The fifth idea is the only one that wouldn´t affect ANYTHING except this combo.

5)Increasing the bomb and rope´s cooldown: As i said in the third idea, what makes the combo overpowered is how fast they can get to use these two items together, increasing this cooldown might only nerf this combo.

                                          I spent those 30 minutes in a great way... right?

madam, you have just wasted 30 minutes of your life


Here you are, my customer.

I hope you are happy of my service.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania super facepalm meme

Dudes, please be quiet. I'm with Legion btw about the nerfing of the rope/mine strat. And RUNNERS ARE EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!!!

I can complain about anything in this game! Im interested in improving this game and making it better. Let me say this again: IN WILDS.IO ANYTHING THAT IS UNFAIR/DOES TOO MUCH DAMAGE GETS NERFED. Wand was nerfed since it almost killed you if you landed the special. The wand didn't kill you yet it took away 3/4 of your health. The bomb will fucking kill you without full health and a heal... and it shouldn't be nerfed? Jesus Christ just stop. You're points are actual trash.

No, our points are not trash. Different gamers, different solutions, different minds. We all see this "problem" differently.

...still not reading thoroughly huh? I've already tried your solutions m8. Every solution you've proposed either was stupid or already tried.

No, I try those solutions, they work for me. Its cuz u dont understand. I got this problem plenty of times.

If I chased you down with a rope and a bomb, you think these solutions would work? lets try it out then

Omg shut up it works for me, and i cant play right now

something that works for you might not work for everyone bruh

Ok fine, thats the conclusion.


Are you calling Legion a noob?


Ever since iv'e seen this problem get reported, i have seen more people using the trick. And now there is a specific guy that does the rope and bomb trick to me.

Same here... Grizelda is my hornet.

That's the problem with reporting glitches on userecho. Once it's up, people know it'll be patched, and abuse it while they can.


simple, remove the mine. problem solved

Why the mine? Remove the hook instead!


We don't need remove anythink, just give cooldown for bomb and hook.

"anythink" XDDDDDDD

Simple mistake, but grammar nazi not sleep (-.-)

lets make it more diagonal!

Everee mystak, evan simpel, iz e mystak. Mi ingleshh iz parfectt.

and then more longer



dude, have you even played the game. I don't happen to be spiderman, so grabbing someone with a hook while they are running or engaging with you in combat is a little bit difficul, m'kay?

Any slower and it would be completely worthless... Its not like you go onto the server and see people abusing hooks left and right. The dude is just sour cause he's getting rekt. It's not like he could just change servers, no that is completely impossible and not seen in human history. or just get good. competitive gaming isn't supposed to be easy without any effort involved.

Some people spam shield... so there is absolutely no reason that it should be nerfed just because someone doesn't know how to play.

Oh great another person who inhales glue instead of drinking water. I can't believe I'm going to have to make this point again. In wilds.io. if something does too much damage. IT. GETS. NERFED. The rope bomb combo kills you if you don't have full health and a heal. Also have you ever played? Playing different servers isn't as easy as you think it is. Switching servers isn't something you choose to do. Besides why would you switch games when you're 50 bones in because of one person? I've probably been playing this game longer than you have (or longer) and could probably destroy you in a fair fight. This is just common knowledge anyone who's played this game for long enough would know.

I think that'll actually work if it's slow enough

Nah Brah. We shouldnt be trying to downgrade the rope, or the bomb, just the combo.

But the rope is really easy to avoid, the combo may be strong, but it requires 2 items. If you miss with the rope you have to run to get another one. 

Yo paradoc since ur calling legion a noob 1v1 him and have someone record it

Alright I'm making this comment for people who are calling me a noob. If I'm such a noob reply to my comment and 1v1 me. Prove I'm as much of a noob as you think I am. And if you claim I'm a noob but won't fight me? Then you admit to yourself that I'm better than you. Try me.


1V1 ME YOU NUB! (please no i´m too young to die D:)

Oh? Disquised didn't you tell me to just get good? I'm more than good enough to beat you. So unless you're gunna fight me and prove that I need to get better, than just leave your hate and criticism elsewhere m'kay? 

Haven't even heard of your name. 1v1 me when you see me.

Send me your name tag and arena rank, and we will see if you even have the qualifications to talk big.

Oh dear god no... are those your bones? Are you... are you trying to intimidate me? Now this may be news to you but the leaderboards have a (prepare yourself for this) SCROLL DOWN OPTION?!?!?! WHAAAAT? Scroll down on the leader boards and you can see me I stopped playing arena for quite a while and I'm not that far behind you. In terms of bones I'm on the leaderboard. Again scroll down and you'll see me. I'm gunna leave my arena score, my total bone score, and my bone score in my clan. You judge if I'm good enough to fight you. 

I can also have a lot of players vouch for me saying I'm skilled. I don't hear or see anyone talking about you on both discord or in game.

I have 20k+ total bones, because of multiple accounts, I'm tying to intimidate you with my bones lol.

I could not care less about how much bones you have, they don't make a difference. 

Also I have rarely hear of anyone talking about how skilled someone is, and you're not on the list of those names. The only person who is ever talked about is those who have a really high score like Rezak and Egz.

When we 1v1, we will see who is better.

Use the matchmaking code: 1V1

hopefully we will meet in game :)

That's because you haven't been here long enough to hear.    :)

Alt accounts don't prove much. And as for Rezak? As of now he's considered better than me, but I've beaten him before and he has beaten me. Also since I notice you tend to respond when I'm asleep, are you a US player. Only want to know since it needs to be in the same server. Also if bones don't matter...then why tell me to post pictures of how much I have?

Kinda hypocritical if ya ask me.

It was to show the arena rank, I could of went to the leaderboard but I have a habit of taking it from my tribe tag. 7k is not intimidating. I know a person who has a lot of bones but sucks when it comes to actual combat.

Also I never asked for your bones, I asked for your arena rank, it looks like you're having a hard time keeping up your axe rank so don't compare yourself to Rezak. You are nothing but a shadow compared to him haha. 

I live in Ireland. I play in the EU server.

Nothing but a shadow to Rezak... are you stupid? You haven't even seen me play how the hell would you know? I don't keep my axe rank cause my wifi recently turned to shit. I no longer play as often as I once did. I'm in US bruh. I'm done with your shit, you just seem to enjoy constantly bothering and insulting people. Sit down and think "where did my life go so wrong that I'm insulting random people on the internet?" Go out and find what makes you happy instead of constantly causing unnecessary problems. Besides, bone count is a way to show how long someone has been playing, and how much they've accumulated. It's a possible measure for how skilled someone could possible be, it's not a complete way to show how skilled someone happens to be. 

I'm using the evidence provided which shows that you are not a great player, there are many people on the internet who talk big about how awesome they are. You appeared to be one of those people. Fine then, I take back what I said about you being a shadow. Unless that is really true of course. Arena rank is a better way of showing how good someone is.

Alright thanks for understanding. I'll keep my comments on the post you just made. It makes no sense to talk big when you can't back it up. That makes no sense. I consider myself a good player. Having been told by many others that I am indeed better than average. I'm trying to be active in wilds.io but I've got tons of other things to do, I'll get my rank back in shape.

IDKFA, hasn't won a single game against me, even when he was cheating...

I played him 3 games, won 3 of them, not just won. I rekt the dude.

I tried going to EU to see where you were at. Game immediately crashed so I reloaded... great now I've lost more points.

Noob is just me. So do not you dare take my title

Bumping this post since it's still not fixed.

2 Ideas:

a. Make it so that you can't hold both the rope and the bomb at the same time. Say that bomb goes in Q, and rope also goes in Q. This would let you still do the combo, but you would need 2 people to pull it off successfully.

b. Make the rope AND the bomb way harder to get. Turn the rope shop into a stamina potion shop XD and make the spawn rate of bombs and ropes from the plate looking things(do they even have a name?) and from crates less. Or make the ones from crates go off a lot more than just sit there.

I think a is also a reasonable solution. There's no game play affected besides those who use rope bombs. Thanks for actually giving possible solutions instead of just calling me a noob *cough cough I wonder who would do that?*

No, A actually isn´t a good way to fix it you can still put down the bomb and THEN you can use the rope.

but the rope would still be slow... and easy to dodge...right?

No. Rope and bomb would not change

True, but it wööd still be harder to do. What if someone rolls into you while you're  aiming?

That is why I main claws.

That is why I main sword XD

Hah!!! Main bow suckers ;)


GET GOOD NOOBS! and stop complaining, avoiding rope is not that difficult. All you do is run around like an idiot in random directions while spamming shield, roll, dash. Whatever, then kill the guy when he or she runs out of ropes.

if they do hit you with a rope after all of that then you were either not doing the above or they are really good, in which case they deserve a cookie, and you die.

hey man, i roped someone from pretty far away and we were both long jumping in different directions

winks at redcar

+ get good n00bs(2)


Yeah, you may need to git g00d, but what if another semi-good person keeps spamming this combo at you? You can't just "kill the guy when he  or she runs out of ropes." You do know that peeps respawn, right? and they'll get you eventually, I don't care how "good" you may or may not be


It's not my fault you don't know how to play good enough and that is why you want to nerf rope so that it makes your pampered life easier. I never used the rope trick to kill players (because it's just too much effort), but it annoys me when someone doesn't know how to play and wants to make their life easier because they are too much of a sour loser.

I'm sure you'll be pretty salty when Rez comes out and says "go learn how to play n00bs, I ain't nerfing shit, skrubz". He will do it in a nice way and ignore all you sour losers.

and you call this "tough love"


What if you do get rope/bombed? How will you react? Almost every game has tried to improve by balancing certain aspects. For example, Clash of clans constantly updates the game to help players enjoy the game and stay. This is exactly the reason why we should nerf the rope/mine combo because it ruins the game experience for many. If we want to keep players in wilds.io (which is extremely crucial) we have to fix negative aspects that currently exist. So don't go telling players to get good when there are big negative mechanics that need tweaking. Besides, you really should STFU 'cause you are not contributing to this topic in any positive way.

Also, for a happy looking profile picture, you seem to be downright pessimistic. I see a DISGUISED forum user!!!!     #ROASTED


TBH you've changed. I liked you better before now I just despise you. Stop being so mean. You've gone from a friendly personality to a rotten. Again, just STFu.


Just seems like he's looking for a reason to be upset about something tbh


Hey, I'm a nice guy as long as you don't say stupid shit and then get roasted by me.

Cough* Disguised COUGH*

Pretty sure you're the one that got roasted by your's truly.

Also, don't try to roast me on my profile pic. saying that I'm salty. I can see through your act man.    (Disguised)  *poorly*

TBH, you have to stop comparing your standards to newer players.

How exactly did you roast me??? I'm not joking, I didn't even notice.


(trying so hard not to smile after reading that)


...Oh...so you also don't read eh? I've made a post about it before and Rez has updated the game and this still hasn't been fixed. He does tend to forget to add things during updates, even once saying something along the line of how he planned on adding something but just kept forgetting to add it. This post is a followup. Read thoroughly instead of rushing to leave hate comments instead.


Unsurprisingly someone better than average talks tons of shit about everyone simply because they believe they have the righ to. Being better than average doesn't mean the solution is to tell people to just get good. How the hell does that help? If you don't have an actual solution don't comment. Jesus.

Hey! Dont touch rope-bomb. Its a last way to stop fking runner. If u run and die like that, burn in hell runner.

I'm not the runner here. The person doing it to me is the runner. He comes up to me tries to rope bomb and runs away.