Double Death Glitch

The Shopkeeper 3 years ago updated by ::: 3 years ago 8

If you get grabbed by an ogre while in between a guillotine you will get the death sound from the guillotine and then the ogre will throw you. You will die a second time after the ogre throws you. (you drop bones twice as well)


This also can happen to you at the spikes.

did you put me as "Egg" in your description ._.

Egzekutor.. it's Egzekutor m8...

no. Matter fact, I forgot about you.........

This description xd

And thanks for putting me in it ;p


Hey, that ogre was helping you mop the walls by lifting you up.  >:(

This happens if the ogre throws you into the sandworm (trust me, this happens more then it may seem)

It also drops twice as many bones, too.