Football score

issa04 3 years ago updated by Brai 3 years ago 10

We can not see the football score because the ranking covers it:Rez can you change the score place ??

Thanks, issa04.

I entered as guest xD


You actually can keep count of how many goals your team has scored , right?

Remember that there's playing children, who didn't learnt counting and doesn't know what is numbers. More patiency for younger players, ok?

 If a game lasts 20 minutes? It has already happened


This really not solve problem. This window exist for show the number of goals, so this should be moved in better place.

Usually in a football game the score has to be or not?


More important than the score not being visible is that the timer is completely obscured. Which would be an issue if games ever took that long but because of bad balancing they almost never do. This is an easy fix, just remove the bones score, which is completely useless in football anyway. But it's a cosmetic issue. I wish more people brought attention to broken balancing, and games not starting.

I have not played soccer in wilds for a long time. But i don't know if you get points by scoring, or just winning as a team.

Because if i have to actually score then i'm just not playing soccer.

Get points by winning with the team

this can be literally put betwen the gold, left one brown and right one grey