Clan Game Modes (Clan 3v3, Clan 5v5, Clan Chaos/ 10v10)

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This mode is long overdue IMO. In this post I will go into depth for what each game mode is, and all the possibilities it has.

Clan 3v3: Clan 3v3 is similar to the old 3v3 that was originally in the game, however, before the start of any of these game modes, there will be a chance for anyone who wants to join (these people must be in the clan) to join in a queue and wait for it to start. Once this starts it will be basically the same as any old 3v3 mode and the players will go at it, until the other team is dead.

Clan 5v5: Clan 5v5 will work similarly to clan 3v3 in the sense that there will be a queue before the round starts for those who wish to join in. One of the few changes between clan 5v5 and clan 3v3 will be that clan 5v5 will involve a larger map and more players fighting. The larger map will of course be because with more players, a larger map will be necessary. Now for the final possibility:

CLAN CHAOS! (10v10): This game mode will be very chaotic (as hinted to in the title). As with the other game modes, there will be a queue opportunity before the round starts for players who wish to join. This map will also increase in size, similarly to 5v5 compared to 3v3. In this game mode, players will toss aside wildly fighting, and will most likely focus on self preservation, to give their team an advantage. 

Additional notes: In all 3 of these game modes, players will compete for clan territory, allowing the clans another way to gain territory. This is a nice addition to the game since grinding bones just gets a tad bit tedious once you've been doing it for as long as experienced players have. There will also be the option to play for territory or just for fun, if players aren't interested in risking their current clan standing. Another addition with this would be clan challenges where clans can challenge other clans. The leader of a clan will request a clan challenge and send it to the leader of another clan. If the leader accepts, then an additional tab will open up and there will be an option to open up a queue for 3v3's, 5v5's and clan chaos. Once enough players join, the fight will begin.

Leave any additional ideas, or possible problems, in the comments. If there's something you don't really like or would like to change about this game mode, then say exactly what it is, and a solution. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Hope you would also like to see this mode implemented.     

Seems like a good idea, but are these modes ranked?


They won't be ranked but playing for territory will be optional.

It's hard to find 20 players online ....

In larger clans this won't be as much of a problem. In smaller clans, maybe there won't be a 10v10 option, since there aren't  enough people in the smaller clans.

Yes...you are right, they will can't wait for the 10vs10 mod ;D


However not bad

Then ... every 3 days a mod??

I'm sorry? Can you reword that please?

Should they be special events or not?

No it would be something that could happen all the time, like fort

._. i like the idea of a optional 3v3 6v6 10v10 and the glamurous 20v20 thing

Lol brai I think 20v20 would be a bit crazy don't you?

nothing bad for SEALS, WAR or ELITE ;)


Man 40 players on one server? Sometimes you don't have this amount of players on EU or US in general...

meh, it's easy for AS servers. ;)


Anyway rezoner, tribes don't really have much of a use other than grinding bones really. It would be a good way to use it if there were game modes specifically for this mode.

Even in biggest tribes most players is inactive in the same time and i remember, queue for 3v3 sometimes was pretty inactive. 5v5 is max but 10v10 is impossible with current activity, also this will be chaos, not a game.

I 100% agree Egze

10v10 would include a reaaaaally big map. People would spawn spread out from each other so they aren't all fighting in one spot.

But ... too many people

100 vs 100
Just because I would just love to break my ping one day

Alright can someone explain the dislike? There isn't really a reason why these modes shouldn't be implemented in the game. Clans haven't contributed that much to wilds.io gameplay. All that was added is a territory map and it takes a generous amount of bones for the territory to change. This mode will allow players to control the map more effectively, adding a skill element instead if just collecting bones. Seeing something added for clans would be nice rezoner.

Someone's liking then disliking over and over...

You know, I can handle 1000 ping  XD


My highest I ever seen? (This number has been added to my notes of records, and I was writing this just from it) 1047593576.

hm doesn't seem like it'll happen I guess. Would've been cool for clans to get another purpose.

good idea ! i would like a 10v10 in a large map like fort...soo we can do stealth!


*insert bump here* 

I at least would like some closure... Rez pls notice this post ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)